Steel Shackles from Fancy A Fetish

Sex Toy Review for the Stee; Shackles written by Ness


The Steel Shackles from Fancy A Fetish are metal restraints with a magnetic locking device. Ideal for ankles or wrists, the cuffs are available in three sizes. The removable O-rings can be integrated into various bindings from rope to chain, or can just be worn for that decorative dungeon look. These high-quality bondage items would work perfectly on any submissive, as they waddle around subject to their Master’s whim, and the shackles’s constant clinking acts as a reminder of their bondage.

metal handcuffs

The Steel Shackles arrive in a velvet drawstring pouch. You will find them in a plastic bag containing a sachet of silica gel. The cuffs are also wrapped, to protect them from scratching during transit. You’ll find one pin key in the shape of an ‘L’. This key is very small and I recommend keeping it inside its mini plastic bag when not in use. Please note that the cuffs do not arrive with any chain or rope.

The cuffs are available in three sizes: 55mm in diameter, 60mm diameter, or 70mm diameter. I requested the 70mm diameter.

They are circular, consisting of two crescent halves, which are hinged together and pinned into position when clasped shut. The steel is 21 mm in depth with a 5 mm thickness. The steel has been polished perfectly, without any imperfections, giving a very impressive finish to both shackles. Each shackle has a removable O-ring, which rotates smoothly within its fixture. The O-ring is large enough to accommodate various styles of bondage rope, as well as strong enough to be clipped on to heavier duty chains. The cuffs are so well made that one could chain a submissive to a dungeon wall, and they still shouldn’t come loose, even with some fierce struggling.

As already stated, the cuffs are pinned shut. To open the cuffs you need to use the key provided to poke the locking pin out of its hole. The key and pin are very small and could easily be lost, although if you do lose the key, don’t fret, as the pin can be pushed out of the cuffs with other thin, similar sized implements (sewing needle, pencil tip, etc). To lock the cuffs, simply push the pin back into the hole in the cuffs. The pin will stay in position via magnetism. This form of locking mechanism is very clever; safer than padlocks, but it still won’t come undone unintentionally.




When clasping the shackles around my ankles, I found slipping the pin into position a tad fiddly due to its dainty size. Once locked in place, the 70mm only just fitted me. While I did measure my ankles prior to my order, I should’ve taken into account the fact that more room is always better. The cuffs are the size stated on the site, but it’s probably best to order a set which are around 1cm larger than your wrist’s or ankle’s maximum diameter. Due to the tight fit, I wasn’t able to use the restraints in certain positions when connected to one another, or an alternative restraint system (any position where the metal banding may dig into my body uncomfortably). When used just for aesthetic purposes, the shackles looked beautiful, and enticed various submissive emotions upon me, especially in comparison to less extreme fabric cuffs.


Cleaning the shackles is effortless. Just wipe down with a damp cloth and then dry with a micro fibre towel before putting them back into their shackle storage pouch.


Overall, while the shackles were a tad tight around my ankles, I still really like them. I just wish they were available in larger sizes. Looking at the size options, I feel that for most people these shackles would be better purchased for use around the wrists. The metal is exceptional quality; the hinges, O-rings, and locking mechanism are all well made. All this makes these restraints excellent value for money. They would be a fabulous purchase for anyone seeking out more hardcore BDSM gear with a dungeonesque feel to them.



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