Stainless Steel Cusco Vaginal Speculum

Vaginal SpeculumBDSM Review of Stainless Steel Cusco Vaginal Speculum

Vaginal speculums are more than just mere medical fetish sex toys. I have found these devices immensely helpful throughout my sex toy testing career, from educating a lover with a clear view of my vaginal walls swelling in response to arousal, to retrieving items which are just a pain in the arse to fish out of my body. Recently I have found the ownership of one of these devices beneficial for other reason, and that was so my lover could check how well my vaginal bruising was healing too. While it’s rare for women to experience the extensive bruising my vaginal walls had suffered, it was helpful for my lover to use the speculum to check-up on it, but as well as show them that yes actually my vaginal canal was black and blue and that all forms of sexual play had to be gentle whilst my body healed.

The speculum I received recently was a stainless steel one, in a size small. The item arrived in a medical pouch stating that the device was sterilised.

The stainless steel vaginal speculum is made up for two insertable parts which have been hinged together. The parts can be widened through using the screw and bolt system attached to the overall item.

Speculums can be rather scary looking items, and many of you may be wondering why they are considered as a sexual items. Let’s face it, it’s an item which can be inserted into the vagina, so it’s not surprising that there’s a fetish for these implements. These items can also make medical fetishes more realistic too, acting as props for doctor and nurse examinations – not everyone uses the props psychically on a patient during these scenarios, but having them laid out on an operating table, they can act as very good visual cues to fuel the imagination and make the situation feel more realistic.

Steel Vaginal Speculum

To use the vaginal speculum, gently insert the blades into the vaginal canal while holding the labia out of the way during insertion. Unlike when going for a real pelvic examination at a hospital, you have the option of using lubrication during your medical play. Lubricant isn’t used during pelvic exams as it can interfere with test results. Once fully inserted into the canal, slowly use the hinged handles to widen the blades, once widened use the bolt and screw mechanism to lock the inserted blades in place. Once the speculum is in position check that your patient is comfortable. You may wish to use a flashlight to inspect the patient’s vagina, or hold a mirror in front of the vulva angled so that the patient is able to view their internal sex organs too.

Once you are ready to finish the examination slowly unscrew the bolt to release the locked blades. Carefully close the blade, trying to avoid pinching the vaginal tissue – communication is vital, so request feedback from the patient regularly. As you remove the speculum hold the labia out of the way to avoid pinching them.

When having the vaginal speculum inserted into my vaginal orifice, my body is instantly shocked by the cool metal. When the inspection is performed correctly, the experience can feel pleasant as the blades slowly stretch my vaginal walls.

The stainless steel vaginal speculum can also be used during temperature play, by warming the blades up under a warm running tap.

Cleaning the speculum is easy. Simply wash the item under warm water and use your standard antibacterial wash.  The item can be sterilised in a solution too. This process could also be part of making the role play more realistic.

Overall, the Stainless Steel Cusco Vaginal Speculum is a handy device. The only real con to this version of speculum is that it is made from metal rather than clear plastic, meaning that you are unable to get a complete view of the vaginal canal during use. The item is a great way to slowly and simply stretch the vagina open, as well as a great addition to medical role play.

Thank you to Uber Kinky for sending me this item for my review.


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