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The Sqweel was designed to be one of the world’s first, most realistic, and market leading oral sex simulators, tearing away from the normal realm of sex toys which tended to offer sensations through vibrations, or manual self pleasure. The Sqweel works by rotating 10 carefully positioned tongues, which simulate the lapping of a human tongue as they revolve on a battery powered spindle. Having owned the original Sqweel for several years, I’ve slowly seen it evolve, much like the evolution of the wheel. These evolutions have included various new attachments, specialist lubricants, and new and imaginative tips on how to optimise your experience. Sadly the original Sqweel never quite excited me in the way I desired, but now it has once again evolved. Would the improved kinetics behind the Sqweel 2 draw me into a total oral fixation? Is this the final stage of its sexual evolution, or will we be left waiting for further mutations in the future?
The Sqweel 2 arrives in a white and pink box, with a cut-out window showing the product clasped inside a clear plastic clam shell. The original Sqweel arrived in a metal tin, which I found to be bulky and unnecessary, as the Sqweel itself has a dust proof casing protecting the useable components from dirt – please note that the Sqweel 2 doesn’t fit inside the original Sqweel’s velvet moulded plastic rest. Both the original Sqweel and the Sqweel 2 require three AAA batteries each, which are not included. 
The Sqweel’s appearance isn’t the most enticing, and does little to fuel my imagination. However, once you’ve seen an image of a makeshift oral simulator, where someone has essentially duct taped together a few silicone tipped spatulas, then the Sqweel’s appearance seems less daunting. I was willing to try the original with its curious sci-fi spaceship styling, and matte-black finish reminiscent of a car’s moulded dashboard, but I thought this new sleek modern version, the Sqweel 2, was definitely a little better in the looks department.
When using either the Sqweel or Sqweel 2 make sure you apply a liberal amount of lubrication to both yourself and the wheel. The best way to lubricate the toy is to drip lube onto the tongues while it’s rotating on the lowest setting.
 The original Sqweelis available in a matte plastic finish – finger prints show up very easily on its exterior. There is a wheel-like pattern grooved into the surface of the plastic. There are several deep holes around the edge of the casing, which provide access to screws; these can trap dirt. It is approximately 5 inches long, by 4.5 inches wide, and 1.25 inches in depth. 
The base of the toy is contoured and tapers slightly, making it easy to apply a firm grip. However, whilst gripping the toy, your hand interferes with the sliding function switch, meaning that you have to reposition your grasp every time you wish to change the speed or simply turn it on/off. The battery cap is also situated around where one naturally gasps the toy, and while moving your hand around sometimes you can accidentally pop the battery cap off – although this is rare. The matte plastic makes holding the toy easy, even with well lubricated hands. I always felt that the original Sqweel was lacking in weight towards the base of the toy, making it harder to control and apply the pressure desired. This made it feel as if, while the tongues rotated speedily around, they wanted to rip the toy from your grasp. 
To access the tongues simply pop the top off the toy. This isn’t overly difficult, and I’m even able to accomplish it with a single well lubricated hand, which is handy if the other is preoccupied. If you wish to remove the wheel completely for cleaning, or exchanging it for one of the other attachments, twist the side cover clockwise to remove it (contraclockwise until it clicks to put back on). This can be fiddly at times. Once the cover is removed, the wheel simply pops out. When the wheel is removed you can see various mould lines and some wiring, all of which is exposed to lubricant while the toy is in use, and therefore a nightmare to clean afterwards – especially when you consider it isn’t waterproof! 
The wheel is made out of soft skin safe rubber on a plastic spindle. There is a noticeable manufacturing line on the product, which is really messy in places. There are 10 tongue-like protrusions which jut-out an inch from the wheel. Each tongue’s tapered tip is approximately 1 inch apart from the others, and can be easily pushed up against the main wheel and flexed back and forth. 
The original Sqweel has three speed settings, changed via a simple sliding switch. The first speed offers a light tickling sensation, the second feels more intense, and the third beats down strongly upon you as the tongues lap. I have used the Sqweel 2’s silicone wheel inside the original, and found that the last setting is far too fast to use with the firmer silicone, making the experience uncomfortable. Also, when using the silicone wheel inside the original, the product is noisier and the wheel rattles around slightly, making it less accurate. The original Sqweel isn’t the best toy for those living in shared accommodation, due to the slightly off putting whirring it makes while in use.
When using the toy to experience the sensations produced by the top or the bottom of the tongues, you have to manually flip the toy round.
So far the original Sqweel hasn’t made me experience a clitoral climax; however it has been an interesting toy to use as a warm-up during foreplay.
The newer and improved Sqweel 2 is more modern and sleek in design – it’s also available in either a modern gloss white or black, both with a transparent crystal pink lid. The body of the toy is slightly bigger than the original; 5.75 inches long by 5 inches wide, and 2 inches in depth. It is heavier and sturdier than the original too.
Aesthetically I find the Sqweel 2 more pleasing, and its general layout is a lot easier to use too. The added weight makes the toy easier to control, the base of the toy is contoured better, the battery cap is fixed into position better, and there are two push buttons – rather than a sliding switch – which are positioned near perfectly for where my fingers naturally rest. The push buttons are also the correct firmness, meaning that it’s very rare I accidentally change to the wrong setting. The top of the toy, however, is harder to remove, and I need to use two hands to remove it. As the plastic is gloss, it’s also better to remove prior to applying any lubrication. The side cover has a simple sliding locking mechanism, meaning that you can pop it off and replace it easily. The wheel is basically identical in shape, but it is made from non-porous hypoallergenic silicone, rather than skin safe rubber. It has a much smoother, cleaner manufacturing line. The silicone is a lot firmer than the older wheel, but has some plushiness, and causes minimal drag when rubbed against dry skin. After removing the silicone wheel, the interior of the case is smooth and very easy to clean, successfully addressing one of the biggest problems with the older version. In summary so far, most of the changes are good improvements on the original.
The new Sqweel 2 not only has a new look and better structure to it, but has the addition of some new features, controlled by two buttons. The main button, featuring a big ‘play’ arrow, turns the toy on and then gives you the option to scan through the three speed settings. The speeds are slightly slower than the original, which is good as otherwise the firmness of the silicone would make it too uncomfortable to use. When the toy is on, there is a blue LED behind the buttons which illuminates them. The other button controls the functions; you have the options of having the wheel rotate clockwise, anticlockwise, or in a back and forth motion which simulates the flicking of a tongue. This is all done by a simple click of the button rather than having to manually flip the toy around, ensuring sustained stimulation when it counts. To turn the toy off, just hold down the play button for a few seconds. The Sqweel 2 is a lot quieter than the original.
In motion
During use I enjoyed the ability to change the rotations of the toy, and rather liked the addition of the flicking sensation, as it feels similar to a real tongue flicking against my clitoris. However, I found the silicone far too firm to simulate oral sex as closely as the skin safe rubber managed. I also found that the toy needed a lot more lubrication, not only due to its firmness, but also because additional lubrication would run off the silicone and glossy plastic surfaces much easier.
The main thing which ruined my enjoyment of the new Sqweel 2 was how the toy stalls when too much pressure is applied against the tongues. I found that this happened less often when the skin safe rubber wheel from the original Sqweel was used with the Sqweel 2 casing– probably due to the flexibility of the material. The majority of the time, in order to get the toy rotating once again, I would have to manually give it a push-start. 
The Sqweel 2 appears to drain batteries a lot quicker than the original Sqweel.
The ease of cleaning the Sqweel 2 is the best improvement for the product; the glossy plastic is easily wiped clean and there are fewer gaps for dirt to reside in. The wheel is made from silicone and can even be sterilised between uses.
So do I feel that the Sqweel 2 has evolved into the world’s leading oral sex simulator? Sadly, even with the vast improvements in weight, function, the use of a silicone wheel, ease of cleaning, and sleeker appearance, the Sqweel just doesn’t excite me in the ways I want it to. I think I’d be able to put up with the firmness of the silicone wheel if the toy didn’t stall as easily as it does. Fortunately it is compatible with all the previous softer wheels made from skin safe rubber, although it does still stall occasionally while using these. I guess it might be ok if you don’t have a problem holding back and applying lighter pressure or gyrating your body less when masturbating, but I tend to find these are my natural instincts while masturbating. 
Thank you to Lovehoney for providing me with the new Sqweel for my review. You can purchase the toy here.

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