Spring Shaft Heart Crop/ Paddle

I recently picked up this flagellation device while it was on offer. In the past I’ve seen very similar devices, but never had the opportunity to purchase one until now. I was particularly drawn to this type of device, because I liked the idea of how it is a combination of a riding crop and a paddle. I also liked the aspect of the device having a flexible spring shaft rather than the rigid, yet slightly flexible shafts, commonly found on riding crops. I was hoping that the spring shaft would add more of an element of surprise during every strike, as it’ll offer less control when compared to using a more rigid device.

The device arrives in a simple clear plastic bag. When removing it from the bag you can instantly smell the leather; it’s not too overpowering, and does fade over time. The device is just over 16 inches in length. The handle, which is 3.5 inches in circumference, is covered with soft leather and studs running down one side. At the top and bottom of the handle you will find strips of leather wrapped round it, with more studs holding it into place. The handle is reasonably comfortable to hold. At the end of the handle there is a leather loop which you can thread your hand through for extra security. The loop can also be used to hang the device up for storage. Personally I found the leather loop to be mildly scratchy. The spring shaft is 7.5 inches long. I feel that if it was much longer it would make the device too hard to control, but the actual length seems to work very well. The spring is very flexible but still has good tension. With a little force you can bend it in half, and it will spring back straight. The heart shaped leather on the end is approximately 4.5 inches by 5 inches in size. The heart is made from two piece of leather that have been sewn together with red stitching. Emphasising the stitching and heart shape, there are 17 studs riveted through the leather.

When using the device it glides relatively quickly through the air, with you only needing to use a slight amount of force. When gentle flicks are applied the device hardly makes a sound prior to impact, and during impact it makes a satisfying thud noise. When more force and distance is applied the device swoops through the air, making a loud thwack noise on impact. When the device is used with more speed, it satisfyingly leaves not only a heart shaped mark on the skin, but also imprints of the rivets and stitching. In the past I’ve been disappointed with how some flagellation devices don’t leave any mark, but this one can leave lasting marks without permanently damaging the skin. On impact the device can leave a variety of feelings depending on how much force you apply, but I must admit that even when moderate force is applied this crop can feel rather painful, but in a very satisfying way. My partner also thinks that the device is rather vicious compared to some others.

The device is very easy to use compared to some crops, as you don’t have to focus overly much on controlling the swoop. I would suggest you make sure to aim the heart of the toy properly, as when the spring shaft hits the skin the sensations produced can feel rather unpleasant, instead of creating the arousing stinging sensation the flat leather heart produces.

The leather is easy to clean with a slightly damp cloth, and the dye doesn’t seem to run or mark the skin, or other fabrics.

Overall, I really like this flagellation device, and think it will be used regularly. I’m now on a lookout for similar devices with spring mechanisms. I highly doubt this toy will break, unlike some crops and paddles I’ve owned, where the shafts have ended up snapping. 
You can buy this toy from Nice ‘n’ Naughty

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