Sportsheets Dragon Kiss Whip

The Sportssheets Dragon Kiss is a split tongue thong whip made from leather. This BDSM item is one of the luxury additions to Sportsheets Edge range, and shows potential to be able to be used in multiple ways, allowing a Dom to comfortably explore a subs different limits and thresholds. One of the finer parts of BDSM I enjoy most is being able to mix-it-up during a session, and this device offers the user a series of different methods without them having to search around for another implement.

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Dragon Kiss Handle

The Dragon Kiss whip is designed similar to a riding crop, with a tawse split leather strap. The whip is 27 inches long (excluding the loop handle), with the handle being 10.75 inches in length and the main impact part being 13 inches long. The joining area between the handle and whip piece is 3.25 inches long. The long split thong is made from flexible leather and is pointed at the tip. The whip is joined onto the handle with a sewn leather section that also has the brand names tag sewn into it. The handle is coated with textured rubber similar to what is found on some riding crops or even tennis rackets. At the base of the handle you will find a loop handle for the wrist. I mostly will use this for storage purposes as the made handle is wide and solid enough that I am highly unlikely to lose grip of the device during swings. Overall the whip is very well constructed, my only issue is that the leather will slowly fray a little as it hasn’t been heat sealed where it has been split and cut to shape.  Even with this lack of detail, I am certain this product will last a lot longer than many.

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The Whole Device

I commanded my submissive to learn over my spanking bench and strapped his hands and legs into position – I recommend getting your sub in a stable position as this whip can cause harsh sharp stings and can whip around the body. I started by lightly teasing his skin with the tips of the whip, at first sensually, and then fearfully by softly scissoring his penis and scrotum with the split tongue and whipping the air from time to time, making my submissive quake in fear as he anticipated a sharp whack to the genitals

Single Whip

One of the thongs folded back

Whilst in my whipping stance I held the middle of the handle and hit the subbisives arse. He yelps slightly as the sharp tongue pinched his skin and drew back along his flesh quickly, reddening it during the process. As I built up the intensity of hits, my subs buttocks became redder and soon was even showing mild welts. If used in this way the submissive can find the pain overwhelming when done for prolonged periods, so unless your sub is an extreme masochist, you may find mixing it up between arse whippings, to draw out your play session, and slowly build-up on all those sensations you have worked-on.

I moved between arse spanking and cat-like scratching down my submissives back.When glided down quickly down my subs back, he found the sensations tingly and made their hair stand on ends with pleasure.  The harder you go the more intense and painful it will become. I am yet to leave marks as intense as a bull whip with this device, however, this may be a good item to use as a starting point if you’re considering a bullwhip yet are unsure if you or your submissive will be able to handle the intensity produced by one.

Paddle, Spanker

Both thongs folded back

A less traditional method of use for this device is where you hold one of the falls back, and just use half of the dragon tongue when impacting a subs body. When used this way my submissive found the impact from the device to be harsher on the skin.

When holding both parts of the dragon tongue back, I was able to use the top of the handle where the leather thongs are help in place; as a spanker. This allowed my spankee to feel less stingy sensations and more thuddy ones. This almost crop-like part is also a great way to lift a submissives chin up during Domination, when either forcing them back up by their chin after cowering and whimpering, or just purely you want to show more control over.

The main handle can be used in a truncheon-like manner, and can offer some intense thuddy firm hits, which can be varied in intensity and easily controlled from light massage to more extreme.


On a less serious note, the loop handle can be used as a playful spanker, humiliating a submissive during a session. One of my submissives I used this item on loves to be spanked, he is a true masochist and performing such a light spank is seen as a torture to him.


Overall, The Sportsheets Edge Dragon Kiss Whip is a well constructed impact device. It has an aptitude of uses and is very likely to last longer than many devices found within everyday adult stores. I loved how creative I was able to be with this one device, and feel that no matter what skill set you feel you or your partner are, that you’d be able to use this to the level of your comfort pleasurably.



Thank you to Lovehoney for sending me this device for my review. You can find-out more, Here.




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