Something was ‘Bugging’ me about Spider bed restraints

Now first of all I would like to state I do not own this product, but found something within a 1950s fetish book which was bugging me.
To me the spider web bondage restraints look amazing. I love the idea of being able to entwine your partner’s legs and arms into different parts of the webs. Not only will you be able to secure your partner easily to a bed, I feel the webbing could act as position enhancer.
Within an old fetish book I found this picture and now I just can’t stop relating it to the spider web restraint system. Even though a little creepy, maybe the person who designed the web system saw this image.
I’m currently unsure if I should purchase this product. The arachnid phobic me screams no, but the sexually dominating me screams yes.
More information on the spider web restraint system can be found here:

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