Sliquid Smooth Shaving Créme

Sliquid Smooth is a shaving crème designed to be a gentle and rash free shaving gel. I find that most shaving gels cause my body to react badly and come up in a rash. There are very few that don’t cause me to get a rash, and these are very expensive to buy, so when I came across the Sliquid Smooth I felt I had nothing to lose.
The gel arrives in a clear bottle with a press-button cap. There is a label stating ingredients and further product information. Smooth is designed to be a rash-free, paraben-free, glycerine-free, and hypoallergenic formula. It is suitable for people who suffer from extremely dry and sensitive skin, and can be used on any part of the body. The formula is visible through the bottle, and appears to be a goopy white consistency, which reminds me of PVA glue.
I received the Grapefruit and thyme scented crème. The product does smell of light citrus fruits but I can’t really distinguish the smell of grapefruit. I’m also unable to detect the scent of the thyme. The product still has a nice clean scent to it at least, but to me it seems a little generic when compared to some bathroom products. Squeezing the gel out of the bottle can be rather difficult at times, meaning that you have to apply a little force, which can lead to an excess of gel. 
The gel rubs in easily, and once applied it appears clear. This is different to other gels and creams I’ve used where the product lathers and/or foams. When using Smooth for the first time, I wondered how well it would work as it hadn’t foamed or lathered, making it seem very thin once applied. I tested the product on my lower leg at first, as even though it states it’s hypoallergenic and rash free, I worried it would still cause my body to react. I’ve tried other products that are supposed to be skin-friendly and still had reactions to them. The gel gently glided over my skin, and once applied on wet skin I found that it didn’t drip or run, unlike other products I’ve used. I’ve found that Smooth is a great shaving gel if you are shaving in the bath, as even when you submerge your leg underwater, unless you actively wash it away, it’ll still have a thin coating of the gel when you take your leg (or other body area) out of the water.
After Smooth was applied to my leg I found the razor slid over my skin quickly and without irritation. I found the razor caught less than it normally would. After I had finished using Sliquid Smooth, the remaining gel washed away easily. Once my skin was dry it felt exceptionally moisturised. Normally I moisturise after a bath or shower, but my skin felt so soft already that I didn’t need to. 
There’s one problem with Sliquid Smooth; it didn’t actually provide as smooth a finish as other products. I thought that maybe my razor needed changing, and that I needed to take a little more time. The next time I went to shave my legs; I made sure I had a fresh razor, and was a bit more precise with my shaving. After washing away the gel and drying my skin, I still found more stubble than when compared to using other products. About 24 hours after using Smooth I hadn’t experienced a rash of any kind, which surprised me slightly as it hadn’t produced the best shave.
Overall, I like how gentle Sliquid Smooth is to my skin and how well moisturised I felt after use. But I didn’t like how it left stubble no matter what I tried; due to this I doubt I will get Sliquid Smooth again. I still think it’s potentially a good option for people who are having difficulty finding a shaving cream that’s rash free, as I have highly sensitive skin and suffered no reaction to it. 
You can purchash this shaving créme from here.

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