Sinful Sunday: *Swoop*

I grasped my first intimate crop at the age of 16. I had turned up to college clad in leather… a leather full length coat, leather gloves, a corset skirt, and a sex positive attitude. An exceptionally close friend commented on my appearance and remarked timidly about how militant I looked. Heck, I was domineering naturally, I was being me… but after the sight comment on how I actually appeared dominant, I desired more. During the designated lunch break I took two close friends shopping with me. We all stepped bashfully into a horse riding shop. I spent the foreseeing hour chatting with the owner about crops and safety. Eventually I purchased a fibreglass and leather crop for £6 – it’s still my best riding crop and has last throughout the years. I and my two male friends proceeded to make our way to out desired destination. We ended up within a graveyard, where lots of crop whipping occurred.
A side-note: the graveyard featured within these pictures is the same graveyard where I took the virginity of a vampire when I was 17 – I’ll dig out the PVC thigh highs I wore back then for another Sinful Sunday. I’ll get some more pictures of the actual graveyard at some point.
Also, look, I’m wearing my Venus FlyTrap necklace I won in a Sinful Sunday comp. Thank you muchly, it works very well with my dress. It’s been put through a lot already and I really like how easy it is to clean… as it’s already been soaked in my lovers cum a few times.
Sinful Sunday

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