Sinful Sunday: Sling Fetish

Friday I was in an accident, which ripped my rotator cuff ligament in my right shoulder.

Luckily I was with a sub, who stripped t make me a sling from his clothes and sorted out an ambulance for me (as we were in the middle of no-where). He did an awesome job. Just after ringing-up the ambulance, a first aider car drove past and stopped (literally after seconds of putting down the phone), and assisted until the paramedic arrived. Anyway, I was taken to a and e, and they slung it up properly. The first thing I thought though, was: “Awesome, I have a ligament excuse to grope my boob in public.” as the sling was the right height to position my right hand onto my right breast, but then they re-altered it :-/.


Anyway, here’s a selfie of my sling – expect more over the course of 6-8 weeks.


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