Sinful Sunday: Skinny Dipping? What in Winter? Yes!

Nervously waiting for the tide to come towards me, and make my body sink into its deep cold December waters, lathering my gooses pimples with a frothy white coat.

skinny dipping

I finally went for a long walk on the beach, it was the first time I’ve been able to manage anything like that since breaking my foot. I felt alive and daring, and the air was deceivingly warm. Whilst the water was fooking freezing, they were refreshing and made me squeal with laughter.

Plus this is the first nude picture I’ve take since breaking my leg, and my body is rather un-toned and things now, but I think the cold water has told me not to worry too much about the extra weight I’m carrying until after winter ^_^.

While I’m talking about winter skinny dipping, anyone participating in the Boxing Day Dip?

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Sinful Sunday

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