Sinful Sunday: Caution! My feet bite.

There’s something powering about wearing a pair of shoes with eyes and teeth. These heels defiantly have a bite to them. 
I was attracted to these shoes due to my desire for mystical creatures such as vampires and werewolf’s. They particularly remind me of Alucard from the anime Hellsing. Alucard is a powerful Vampire who is under the control of a woman known as Sir Integra.  It’s uncanny how similar Sir Integra and I are, in both appearance and personality – she’s the simplest character for me to cosplay.
I would love to dominate a creature of the night with my firm tone and stern glare. 
For now I’ll share a few pictures of me wearing these shoes. I own the matching bikini too, and when I’m feeling better, I’ll try and post pictures. 
Sinful Sunday

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