SinFive Eve

The SinFive Eve is a massager in the shape of a fig leaf. It can be used as either a general body massager, or as a clitoral stimulator. To me, Eve offers many opportunities for use, whether it is in the bed room, or gently rested on your clitoris, while being held in place by your underwear when out and about.
The SinFive Eve arrives in a clear plastic box that is easy to open. The toy and bullet are slotted in a chic looking cardboard insert. On the insert you will find the brand name, alongside additional information about the product. The toy is made from elastomer, which is free from phthalates and latex. It also has added anti-microbial properties. This is the first time I’ve used a sex toy made from elastomer, so I was curious as to how flexible and durable the material would be. The packaging has a symbol indicating that the toy isn’t waterproof.  I feel that even though the packaging is stylish and attractive, it lacks the required information on how to use eve. The packaging states that it is an intimate massager with removable bullet, but that’s essentially it. With the flexibility and shape of Eve, I had already thought of a few ways on how to use the toy.
The Eve is made from a firm yet flexible material that’s smooth to the touch. The Eve is 5 inches in length from tip to stem, and 3.5 inches wide. The bullet compartment is an inch in length. On the underside of the Eve there is an arrow-like groove which allows the leaf to bend without damaging the product. At the tip of the leaf there is a tunnel-like gap for the bullet to be inserted; on the top of the tunnel there are seven ridges, to add additional stimulation. The ridges are rather firm, and people who are overly sensitive to texture might not get along with them. The bullet is made from ribbed plastic, and is tiny compared to the standard bullet size. It uses two LR754 batteries, which are included. The battery compartment can be fiddly to open. It is recommended that you slot the bullet into the tunnel chamber so that the power switch is facing towards the tip of the leaf. The bullet is very easy to push in and out of the chamber when required, but it doesn’t fall out of its own accord. The bullet turned on by simply sliding the switch. It is a single speed bullet, but seems quite powerful for its size. There is one problem that I have with the bullet – even though the motor isn’t overly loud, the power switch rattles while it is turned on. The SinFive Eve looks very discreet, and I doubt many people would be able to tell that it is a sex toy if it was lying around with the top side facing upwards.  I think I’ve even seen household air fresheners in a similar autumn leaf design.
When using Eve, I found that it can be used several ways. Eve fits perfectly to the contour of your hand, and with the flexible leaf you gain additional control on pressure when using it for general body massage. The raised ridges on the underside of Eve can be used to tease erogenous zones such as the nipples or clitoris. When the ridges were rubbed against the clitoris I found that lubrication was needed, otherwise the sensations produced felt unpleasant. The vibrations from the bullet travel through the whole toy but are strongest at the tip of the leaf. I actually found using the tip of the leaf more pleasurable than the raised ridges on the bullet chamber. I found one more way to use the Eve, and that was as a hand free clitoral stimulator. Due to the grooves on the underside of Eve I found that the Eve sat comfortably on the pubic mound while the bullet rested between the labia, stimulating the clitoris. I was comfortably able to wear the Eve using underwear to hold it in place. Due to the flexibility of the leaf, I found that I was able to move about without it getting in the way too much. Also, because Eve can be comfortably folded to rest on the clitoris, you can easily place it between yourself and a partner during intercourse, for some extra stimulation. The Eve’s vibrations are stronger than some bullets I have used, and produce enough stimulation for foreplay. I personally haven’t found the Eve to cause me to have a clitoral orgasm, but I’m sure others will find the vibrations strong enough. The vibrator isn’t very loud, but I feel it may be noticeable when in a room with others.
Cleaning the Eve is easy. Make sure you remove the bullet before submerging the leaf in water. I find Eve very reassuringly hygienic, due to the material having antibacterial properties. When cleaning the bullet I recommend you use a damp cloth with antibacterial properties, rather than running it under water, as the battery compartment is not waterproof.
Overall, I like the SinFive Eve more as a general massager or foreplay toy. I wouldn’t recommend it to those who need stronger vibrations to reach clitoral orgasms. I really do like the novelty factor of it, being based on the fig leaf from the Adam and Eve story; it makes it feel sinfully naughty.
You can purchase the SinFive Eve from Eden Fantasys

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