Sin Five Flow

I was very interested in trying the Sin Five Flow. I have tried a few bendable vibrators in the past, but they still had some limitations, whereas the Flow is a sex toy which you are able to sculpt into almost any combination of bends and twists. The Flow can be used vaginally, anally, for double penetration, dual stimulation, or even with a partner. There are so many possibilities when using the Flow, so just let your creative side flow with your imagination. Not only are you able to sculpt the Flow freely, you can even position its bullet vibrator anywhere along it, meaning that if you want the vibrations to be more intense lower or higher up the shaft, you have that option. 
The Sin Five Flow arrives in a slate coloured box with various product images on the front, depicting a few of the possibilities for sculpting the toy. On the back there is a small amount of information on what you can use the Flow for, how to use it, and how to care for the product. The front of the box opens up, revealing the toy resting on a thin cardboard insert. 
The Flow is essentially a large circular piece of wire coated in a supple silicone. The silicone used is antimicrobial, meaning that it is extremely hygienic and resistant to things such as bacteria and mould. The silicone has a smooth luxurious feel to it, which causes mild drag when rubbed against dry skin – I would recommend using additional lubricant with this toy, especially if you intend to use it anally. You’re able to adjust its length and girth depending on how you bend and twist the toy. The toy comes with a standard sized plastic bullet which can be positioned between the wire, though you are also able to bend and shape the wire to hold other types of vibrators – such as a wand or classic style – as long as these aren’t made from silicone. When the silicone loop is pressed together into a straight line it is approximately 11.5 inches in length, and a minimum of 3.2 inches of circumference. When tightly twisting the wire, the toy becomes approximately 10 inches in length with 3.5 inches of circumference. Depending on how tightly you twist the toy, the length and girth will vary, but the more girth and less length also means more gaps between the wire. When first experimenting with bending and shaping the Flow you may find the product feels rather stiff.  It will loosen over time, and also the product becomes easier to bend when it is at room temperature or warmer. The wire can be bent to keep a curve, either completely folded in half, or even knotted together. When using it as a standard vibrator I prefer to position the bullet around a quarter of the way up, meaning that I’m able to comfortably use the excess wire as a handle. Knotting one end forms a flared base, meaning that the toy can be used safely for anal.
When using the Flow I must admit I was slightly intimidated by it. Although it was a sex toy I really wanted to try, I worried about how comfortable it would be to actually use. I’m pleased to say that the majority of my experiences with the Flow – whether they be anal or vaginal – have been much better than anticipated. I did however learn one thing, which really should be obvious, but during the heat of arousal I foolishly felt I could get away with it – don’t ever try and bend/twist the wire whilst inserted. If you do this, you’re likely to experience great discomfort. Yes, the toy does slowly loosen during use, but forcefully twisting it back because it’s accidentally bent out of shape during thrusting isn’t wise. Remove the toy before bending it back into shape. The toy only bends out of your created shape when quite a lot of force is applied to it.
I have used the Flow the following ways:
Pushed together while keeping it completely straight for vaginal insertion – this wasn’t anything overly special; yes it worked, but it didn’t cause me to climax.
Twisted tightly with the bullet towards the base – I enjoyed how the ribbed textures felt vaginally, and the vibrations travelled well throughout the whole toy.
Twisted tightly with the bullet in the centre of the toy and the shaft bent for both anal and vaginal insertion – I was really worried about how comfortable the toy would be to insert anally. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, and the bumps were enjoyable. Inserting both ends for double penetration was a little tricky, and the vaginal end popped into my vaginal entrance uncomfortably. Once in position the toy felt better than most other double penetrative toys I’ve tried, probably partly due to how I was able to adjust the distance between the vaginal and anal end to suit my orifices better. I was able to loop my fingers round the centre of the toy and use it in a thrusting motion to produce an enjoyable orgasm, though it did lead to me experiencing mild repetitive strain syndrome.
Twisted and curved as a customisable G-spot toy – this is one of the best advantages of using this toy; if you have a fussy G-spot and need a toy to curve a particular way, then the Flow might be perfect for you. I was able to curve the toy and use it in a prodding motion to get the desired stimulation. I did, however, find that if using the toy too fiercely it would sometimes lose its shape, but because I was able to completely customise the curve for optimal G-spot stimulation, I needed to use a lot less force compared to some other less precise toys.
Using the toy for vaginal and clitoral stimulation – This didn’t work as well as I had hoped. I found that positioning the bullet in the shaft, so it was able to stimulate my clitoris was fiddly. After rearranging the shape of the Flow and the position of the bullet, I thought I had finally gotten it to work, but every time I thrusted with the toy the bullet would become lose and eventually pop out.
Shaping to form a butt plug/anal safe toy – Even though it’s possible to shape the toy into something that could be deemed a butt plug, I found that it wasn’t very comfortable to wear. However I did like using the toy as an anal dildo, especially when twisted, the experience was very similar to using anal beads.
The Flow can also be used to restrain someone’s hands or feet depending on their size. Simply twist it in the centre to form cuffs. It’s not the most effective form of restraint, but it kind of works if you’re looking for something to use in the heat of the moment. Also be careful, as silicone tends to grip onto hair.
My main problem with the Flow is the bullet; I feel that for the price it would’ve been nice to receive something more powerful, and with multiple speeds. I also found that because the bullet is made from smooth plastic, it would slip out of the Flow regularly, especially when the toy’s shape loosens during use or lubricant gets onto the bullet. I experimented with using a textured bullet or toy, and this greatly reduced the occurrence of this problem. I was even able to make an insertable attachment for my Hitachi WandVibrator, which is extremely powerful. The Flow stayed wrapped round the Hitachi a lot better than when gripping round the bullet, probably due to how the Hitachi’s head is textured, rather than smooth ABS plastic.
The Flow is a little trickier than some toys to clean, even though the silicone is antimicrobial, because of how you are able to twist the toy. You have to completely untwist it prior to cleaning and allow it to dry, before re-shaping and putting away. The bullet can be cleaned with your standard antibacterial wash and water, as it is waterproof.
Overall, I do like the possibilities the Flow offers, but some shapes and twists work better than others. I am disappointed with the bullet, and feel that something slightly stronger, and with a textured surface, would work better. Luckily you are able to change the vibrator you use to something that suits the shapes and vibrations you desire. The Flow is a good toy, especially if you want to be able to manipulate its shape for maximum G-spot pleasure, and it’s also really fun trying out new things with it.
Thank you to Lovehoney for sending me the Sin Five Flow for my review. You can purchase the Flow here.

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