Silicone Handheld Clitoral Massager

Sex toy review for the Silicone Handheld Clitoral Massager written by Ness


The Silicone Handheld Clitoral Massager is a luxury rechargeable vibrator made for gorgeous silicone. This product is very reasonably priced for its quality compared to other products made to similar standards. The flexible handle allows you to control the device with ease, particular when used in aquatic settings.


Clitoral Vibrator


The item arrives in a versatile plain white box with a magnetic latch. Inside the box you will find the product resting within a foam-cut out. Inside you will also find a UBS cable for charging the device, and a set of basic instructions.
The item is 4 inches long, and its tip is tapered and slightly flexible for comfortable pin-point precision. The vibrator is covered in seamless silicone which produces some drag when rubbed against dry skin. There is a hole in the base of the toy where several fingers can slip into to, offering a helpful handle. The vibrator is controlled via a single push button, which glows when the toy is charged via the USB cable provided. To use the sex toy, simple push the button and tap to scan through the 5 pre-programmed vibration settings. The first setting is a low continuous speed, the second if a stronger continuous speed and the final three are patterned modes. To turn the item off, simply hold down the button for a few seconds. The toy is waterproof, and whilst advertised as a clitoral vibrator, its tip is excellent at teasing other areas of the body (such as the nipples).

When using the vibrator I lathered my vulva in water-base lubricant. I switched the toy on and started massaging my clitoris with the products tip, and scanned through the settings, finding the second setting the most effective for me. I found the pin-point tip perfect for teasing the clitoris, however due to the vibrator producing buzzy vibrations rather than rumbly I haven’t been able to orgasm with this product even though it emits strong vibrations. Generally for clitoral stimulation I prefer rumbly vibrations, although I found the buzzy vibrations combined with the items shape, highly sensual for tickling the areola and nipples.
Due to the handle on the device, the product is excellent for using with a partner, allowing them to control the items easily without dropping it and loosing it amongst the bed sheets. The handle also makes this product great for using in the bath and the show, however I have found that due to the nature of the silicone, that the drying effect of aquatic play can cause the product to drag a bit more than I personally desire.

Cleaning the product is simple due to it being waterproof; basically wash it in warm water with antibacterial wash. Allow it to dry before recharging it, and then simply pop it back in its discreet box.

Overall, I like this vibrator even though it wasn’t able to bring me to orgasm. The buzzy vibrations are great for general teasing and currently its one of my favourite couple’s vibrators to bring into play with a partner. While the vibrations weren’t suited to my clitoris, I feel its strength would induce an orgasm in most women who prefer this type of vibrations. I am still exceptionally impressed by the products price, as an item of this calibre would normally be at least double its retail.


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