Silicone Flexi Risqué Ripples

This month I received another toy in the Flexi Risqué anal plug series, known as the Silicone Flexi Risqué Ripples. I have previously reviewed the 10 Function Flexi Risqué and wanted to see if I got along better with the silicone version. The main difference between the 10 Function and the Silicone FlexiRisqué Ripples butt plugs is in the shape of the insertable head. Unlike the 10 Function, the Silicone’s insertable shaft is made up of a single unit, without a separate stem and head. For me that was one of the main problems with the 10 Function FlexiRisqué, as it allowed dirt to become trapped between the head and the stem. 
The toy arrives in a clear clamshell packaging with a cardboard insert showing a picture demonstrating the toy’s flexibility. There are various product features outlined on the packaging, the main ones being the products EZ-Grip Base, Intense Vibrations, and Flexi-Shaft. The toy claims to be made from skin safe materials, and is waterproof.
The tip of the toy is a small 3.25 inch circumference firm ball of silicone, followed by four slightly smaller rings of ribbed texture, before expanding to a maximum girth of 5 inches. Before the base of the toy the shaft dips in slightly, offering a small stem. I believe this needed to be longer, so the toy can sit in position better once inserted. The silicone is firm, but flexible and a little squishy due to the shaft being hollow. The silicone shaft is connected to an ABS matte plastic base unit. There is a gap between the plastic and silicone which can trap dirt. Unlike the previous 10Function Flexi Risqué toy I reviewed, the Silicone version is slightly more hygienic, as it does not have a gap between the neck and insertable head of the stem. The Silicone’s insertable shaft is made from virtually seamless silicone. However, due to the gap between the shaft and base unit, it still has some issues when considering the toy’s hygiene.
The base unit of the toy is very large and bulky, being 9.5 inches in circumference. It houses the control button and battery compartment. The toy has a tight waterproof twist-locking battery compartment found in its base. It requires 3 AAA batteries to power it. Inside the battery compartment there seems to be some sticky oil-like residue, which I found rather off-putting. Yes, the compartment probably needs some form of greasing to make it easier to open/close, but it smells rather chemically. The base unit is almost too large for me to grip comfortably. In the centre of the base you will find the function button.
The toy has 10 vibration modes of escalating, pulsating and continuous vibrations. The vibrations are moderately powerful and can be felt mostly in the tip of the toy. To turn the toy on, simply press the function button, and cycle through to the desired mode. To turn it off, hold the button down for a few seconds. The toy will remember the last mode you were on.
When inserting the toy I applied a liberal amount of lubrication, due to the natural of the silicone and the ribbed texture. The rounded tip was easy to insert, but I experienced some discomfort when inserting past the ribbed ring textures. After becoming more comfortable with the ring textures, my body took a little longer than it would normally to insert the rest of the toy, and I needed to apply more lubricant due to the drying nature of the silicone used. Once the toy was fully inserted, I found the shape wasn’t best suited to my body and the toy wouldn’t stay in position, especially when using the stronger vibration settings. Also the large base felt uncomfortable as it sat between my buttocks. I was able to sit down while the toy was inserted and use it like a hands-free toy in a rocking motion. However, as the main shaft is hollow, although the silicone itself is pretty firm, the shaft would bend uncomfortably during use. The base of the toy also got in the way of vaginal insertion.
When cleaning the toy makes sure you pay extra attention to the gap between the base unit and silicone shaft. The toy is waterproof which should make it easier to clean compared to some anal toys, but you may need a soft brush or damp cloth for cleaning around the gap. When storing the toy I’d advise you to remove the batteries between uses, as the toy seems to drain them during standby mode – probably so it can remember the last vibration mode you were using.
Personally I had a few problems with this toy. The shape isn’t suited to my body, it doesn’t stay in place, and the base is just far too bulky, uncomfortable to hold and didn’t sit comfortably. The vibrations are relatively strong, and are the best thing about the toy when compared to other vibrating anal toys I’ve used. I really wish there wasn’t such an awkward to clean gap between the shaft and base unit. This is my main dislike of the product, as I feel all toys should be easy to clean, especially anal toys. I’m not sure if I would recommend this toy; if you feel the shape will work for you and are aware of having to pay extra attention when cleaning the toy, then it might be ok for you. It just didn’t really work for me, so much so that I really don’t intend on using it again.

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