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The Ripple by Shots Toys is a textured silicone triple stimulator which can be used either vaginally or anally. I was interested to see whether or not I would find the ripple-like textures pleasurable or painful.  Also, I was curious to see how the clitoral stimulator would fair, as it isn’t positioned for direct stimulation, but more for general arousal of the vulva. The Ripple also has a convenient silicone loop as a handle for easier control; I wanted to see if this hindered my natural thrusting motions or made them easier.
The toy arrives in a large, stylish and well presented box, with a cut-out front revealing the product. Also on the box you, will find a sample disc of the silicone used, so you are able to get a feel for the product before you buy; to me this is just a waste of silicone, as people will probably be ordering this toy online. On the back there are a few diagrams of a hand gripping onto the product’s handle. There is a small amount of information on how to use the product, whether you intend to insert it anally or vaginally. The toy’s bullet is waterproof, using three LR44 batteries – you will find a set of diagrams on the box showing you how to change the batteries. Inside the box you will find the toy’s silicone body, a bullet, and three LR44 batteries, all inside a plastic clamshell.
The Ripple is made from 100% silicone, with a plastic bullet. The toy consists of a curved, ribbed textured main shaft, with a flexible anal nub, and a silicone bullet ring positioned for clitoral stimulation. The base of the toy is a silicone ring, which is contoured to fit three or four fingers through, for a comfortable and well controlled grip. The handle, bullet ring, and anal nub also make the main shaft of the toy suitable for anal play if desired, as in effect they act like a flared base. 
The main shaft is 4.5 inches in length, with a slight curve to it. The tip is quite slender, and the toy’s shaft slowly expands to a maximum girth of 4.25 inches. Just before the handle, the shaft dips in slightly, which reminds me more of a butt plug than a vaginal toy. The main shaft has ripple-like textures running down the front; these textures become more intense and closer together further down the shaft. The anal nub is 1.5 inches distance from the main shaft and can be flexed about as much as you desire. The nub is rather small, being only 2 inches in length; it’s more for external stimulation around the anus than internal. It has seven bumps, which are fairly prominent. The bullet ring sits about an inch away from the main shaft. It is big enough to fit most standard bullets. The silicone handle is very flexible. The silicone is smooth, with a slight plushiness and a reasonable amount of flexibility. It causes minimal drag when rubbed against dry skin. There is a manufacturing seam running around the product, which is noticeable when rubbed.
The bullet is a standard push-button bullet with 10 speeds of escalating, pulsating, and continuous vibrations. The bullet easily slides into the silicone ring on the main shaft. The vibrations are ok, and do travel throughout the whole toy, but personally I found them a bit weak. The bullet seems to have a maximum of 30 minutes battery life – which I feel, is rather short lived.
When using the toy vaginally, I’d recommend using a good amount of lubrication on the main shaft, and applying a small amount to the bullet and anal nub. Inserting the toy required very little foreplay. As the main shaft entered my vagina I was able to feel each ripple rub the front of my vaginal walls. The curved tip would occasionally stimulate my G-spot, but due to the flexibility of the handle I was unable to form the desired rocking motion to stimulate my G-spot consistently. However, this same flexibility also gave the toy a semblance life. As the toy stimulated me internally my PC muscles would grip around it, gently pulling the main shaft away from my fingers, whilst still allowing me to keep a firm grip. Every time my PC muscles loosened, the main shaft would softly spring away from my vagina, and gently bounce back, meaning that I needed to put very little effort into physically thrusting. I did try and insert the anal nub, and while it was possible, it’s just far too short to stay put. The anal nub tickled around my anus, making me feel more aroused. The bullet was the right distance for my clitoris, but I was unable to experience the pinpoint stimulation I desired, because of how the bullet rested across my clitoris and labia, rather than between my labia. The bullet did help in making the whole experience more pleasurable, but I would’ve liked it to be positioned more directly onto my clitoris. I feel that the Ripple isn’t a toy for making you reach orgasm, but is a good warm-up toy, and great if you like more intense textures.
I tried using the Ripple by inserting the main shaft anally – I’d recommend using plenty of water based lubricant. When inserting the first few inches of the toy I found the ripples to be pleasurable, but when trying to insert more of the shaft the ripples just became too intense for me. I feel this toy might work well anally for some, but you really have to be into using strongly textured toys. Also the bullet would be great in massaging the male perineum – it’s also in the right position to – whereas when using it as a woman for anal insertion, I found the bullet got in the way too much of my vaginal opening.
The toy is very easy to clean, simply remove the bullet from the silicone body. The bullet is waterproof and can be washed with your standard antibacterial wash and water. The silicone body can be washed in the same manner, or you can boil it, sterilise it, or place it into the dishwasher. 
I found the Ripple to be more of a warm-up toy, offering excellent textured shallow stimulation when used vaginally. The main downside of this product is its bullet – considering its relatively mild strength, it eats through batteries. Luckily you are able to fit different bullets into the bullet ring. It’s not really a toy I’d recommend to those looking for an orgasm, but if you are after some pretty intense ripple sensations, then it’s worth considering.
Thank you to Passion8 for sending me the Ripple by Shots Toys. You can purchase it here.

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