Sh! Smooth 3

The Sh! Smooth 3 Dildo is a sleek straight dildo on a flared heart shaped base. The toy’s shaft is angled slightly for easier insertion during solo play and strap-on sex. The Smooth 3 is the perfect dildo for those who don’t enjoy textures or dramatic curves.  I’m a big fan of textures and curved shafts, but sometimes my body doesn’t feel up to anything too extreme, and from time to time I just want a change of pace. All Sh! Dildo Delights are handmade in the UK, being one of the only companies which makes silicone toys over this side of the pond.
The toy arrives in a simple shrink wrap, sitting on a piece of card which has the product information written onto it. The packaging is pretty basic, but it does the job, and means that less goes to waste.
The Smooth design is available in different sizes of girth and length. There’s also the option to have a bullet chamber. I received the Smooth 3, which is meant to be a toy based on regular girth, with 5.5 inches of insertable shaft. The product information is a somewhat lacking, as none of the Smooth Dildos state what girth they are, other than to say slim, regular, and full. The Smooth 3 has a circumference of 4.75 inches, and is compatible with an O-ring. The toy is made from silicone. The silicone causes a fair amount of drag when rubbed against dry skin, and does catch on hair. The silicone is very pliable and has a fair amount of squishiness to it. The base is flared and in the shape of a heart. I was curious to see how well this sat when used in a harness. The base of the toy has the Sh! Logo imprinted on it.
When using the toy vaginally I found the silicone needed a good amount of lubrication, but due to its sleek design, very little foreplay was needed prior to insertion. The angle of the toy made sliding the shaft inside me straightforward, and the rounded tip was able to reach my G-spot. The heart shape base felt a lot more comfortable to grip compared to holding a standard round flared base. The angled shaft meant that I was able to thrust continuously on my G-spot, without the toy going off target. The bounciness of the silicone felt good against my G-spot, but it wasn’t firm enough for me to experience a very strong orgasm. I still managed to climax with the toy, but it took a little longer than some. However, this wasn’t much of a problem, as the toy is so easy to hold that my wrist didn’t become as tired as when using other toys.
I have used the Smooth 3 in a strap-on harness. The toy’s flared base holds the toy steady, but the flexibility of the silicone can make insertion a little difficult. The toy’s angle seems to work well for strap-on play, and my partner seemed to enjoy using the toy. I feel the toy needs to have ever so slightly less flexibility to make pegging easier.
Cleaning the toy is simple due to the hygienic nature of silicone; also a condom can easily be used on the toy. The toy can be sterilised, boiled, bleached, washed with your standard antibacterial wash and water, and even placed into the dishwasher. You will need to find a suitable container for storage, as like most silicone toys this attracts dirt to it.
Overall, I like the Sh! Smooth 3 and feel it works well as a toy, especially when you are after something simple that’ll still hit the right spot. The softness of the material means you are unlikely to bruise the cervix during use, which makes this a good option for those who are new to sex toys, or those who often get a bit carried away. The base is very comfortable to hold, and works well in a harness. The toy is available in a variety of sizes, so if you are after its sleek design, but with more or less girth or length, then you should be able to find an almost perfect match for you.
Thank you to Sh! for providing me with this toy for my review. You can purchase it here.

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