Sex Toys and Fashion

Fashion week kicked off in New York last week and has now landed in London. Over the next few weeks we will witness quality fashion at its most innovative. As people become spellbound by fashion week, hoping to spot next season’s must-haves, it got me thinking about the link between fashion and vibrators. To me, sex and fashion go hand in hand, and this is something which online sex store Vibrator Kingdom has picked up on with their motto, ‘Love Passion, Love Fashion’. So how can a sex toy be fashionable, and what are next season’s must-haves?
Fashion is very much about confidence and glamour. As long as a product exudes these qualities, then more or less anything goes. Shiri Zinn’s products are at the height of sex toy fashion, as she leads sex toys away from the clinical feel or outright sleaziness still found in many products. Setting dildos with Swarovski crystals, and vibrators with Marlboro tails, her range of sex toys are chic, bold, and beautiful enough to leave out on display. These sex toys have even been picked up by famous actresses such as Kate Moss. Shiri Zinn is set to release a new addition to her collection later this month; a vibrator which looks like a vintage cupcake. Not only has she taken on board the rise of vintage fashion in the last year, and the recent craze for creative cupcakes, but she has also taken into consideration the consumer’s desire for discreet sex toys. Having seen these at a show earlier this year, I have to say they do look delicious.
Photo from Shiri Zinn
Next up, we have Crowned Jewels vibrators. Their bespoke pieces are set with diamonds and other precious gem stones. Although they are expensive, they are both beautifully crafted and highly functional. Their conical tips are designed to offer different vibrations, depending on the design and how they are applied. The silver quickly heats to the body’s temperature, and really makes the experience divine.  Also available from Crowned Jewels are a selection of wearable luxury accessories, such as a vibrating silver ring, which can be inscribed with your lover’s initials if desired.
Bs silicone dildos are designed to appear different. Earlier this year they released a range of silicone dildos with animal print style patterns. Their wild designs make these sex toys appear very cool. 
Photo from BS
The new range of Alice in Wonderland toys by Doc Johnson is a really fun concept, with their designs based on popular characters from the Lewis Carroll novel. These will leave any sex toy collector grinning like the Cheshire Cat.
Photo from Boobaloo’s Reviews
Lady Clankington’s Little Death Ray became available again this year – it’s an all-new model. These vibrators are influenced by steampunk fashion, which has become vastly popular over the last two years or so. There’s only a limited amount made of each model, so if you want one, grab it quick.
Photo from
Crystal Delights adorn beautifully crafted glass toys with large Swarovski crystals, or various medallions embedded into their bases. These toys are aesthetically beautiful, and are a big hit with Toy with me Tuesdayphotographers, as they make it easy to capture the glimmering beauty of glass toys.
Earlier this month Lelo, the company who manufactures some of the world’s most elegant and pleasurable sex toys, released a new range of toys which are affordable and cute. There are four new Pocket Toyfriends available at £14.99 each. These new toys are a stylish modern twist on the traditional pocket-rocket vibrator. These are certainly going to be the highlight of the catwalk this season.
Photo by Fujiko San
Velv’Or have released a new silicone cock ring with a stainless steel toggle bead, made by the finest jewelers in Amsterdam. This ring is suited for the finest gentlemen, and is packaged inside a reusable cigar tube.
Photo from Velv’Or
So sex toys can be fashionable and innovative; they just require designs which set them apart from the normal conception of sex toys. Toys that can be an artful ornament, that demand you to look at them and admire their beauty. There’s one other element to sex toy fashion which I quickly want to highlight, and that’s getting the most glamorous experiences out of using your toy. Just as these creative designers have mixed things up to make something special, feel free to experiment with your masturbation. Remember fashion is all about confidence and glamour, and as long as you feel comfortable and confident in what you are doing, you’ll have a fabulous time.
And as fashion icon Sophia Lamar says to Karley from Slutever ‘…anything implanted into the vagina is glamorous.’ 

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