Sex Toys and Disabilities

Guide on Sex Toys and Disabilities written by Ness


Whilst I believe that there isn’t really so such thing as sex toys designed specifically for disabled people, there are several factors which may make a product more accessible to use. Anyone can experience problems throughout their life which may make a sex toy less enjoyable for them to use. Maybe you’ve purchased a fiddle cock ring and find it a pain to put on, maybe you suffer from fatigue for whatever reason and want a lightweight product, or maybe your body needs extra strong vibrations to help you achieve climax. These are factors we all encounter, so below I have put together a list of things you may wish to consider when purchasing sex toys.



Sex toys with a handle are ideal for those who suffer from disabilities which impinge on the dexterity of their hands. These toys may have easy to grip loops, which can accommodate a finger or two, or extended handles with easy-to-grasp contoured grips. This makes it easier to control the toy in use. A handle is also perfect for couples, as it allows your partner to be more confident in their handling of the toy as they use it to pleasure you.


Easy to put on Cock Rings: 

Cock rings made from rigid materials, such as metal and hard plastics, can be difficult to apply and remove. Certain silicone rings may have less stretch in them and be more restricting than softer materials such as TPR and latex. Some rings come with the addition of handles for effortless application. Simply apply some water-based lubrication,  grip onto the handles, and then smoothly slide the ring over an erect penis. Cock rings are great for those with decreased penile sensitivity, restricting blood flow, and thereby potentially increasing sensitivity, firmness, and duration of an erection.


Remote controls:

Remote controlled sex toys are perfect for those who have mobility difficulties, finding it hard to stretch towards a vibrator during insertion or external play. Some toys are designed with a wired control unit; it can mean you’re less likely to drop and lose the remote during play, but you are also restricted by the wire’s length. Wireless remote controlled toys give you the option of just leaving the remote in an easy to reach location. Some wireless remotes have wrist-cords attached to them, so they are always close at hand, even if you lose your grip on it. Remote sex toys often allow you to experience virtually hands-free stimulation. Remotes are great for those who get fatigued easily, as you have quick access to the controls if it all gets too much for you.



Flexible shaft sex toys can offer the option of reaching areas which you may otherwise find difficult to reach. Sometimes these can be bent into position, and will then maintain it as you control the vibration settings. Flexible toys allow you to fit them to your natural contours: this means you are able to lie comfortably on them for pleasure with a minimum of exertion, or  even use them during intercourse with a partner, as they are generally less obstructive than other toys.


Toys for those with decreased sensitivity:

There are a few types of toys which can help increase people’s awareness to stimulation, such as clitoral, pussy, and penis pumps. These encourage the blood flow to the genitals, heightening the sensations produced by other toys or a partner. High powered massagers, such as wands, are also great for those who have difficulty feeling sensations. These devices can transmit vibrations deep into the body, stimulating the maximum potential of nerve endings. Massagers are also good for people who suffer from fatigue, as they can induce climax incredibly quickly and effortlessly. If you have difficulty handling a wand, you can position it between two pillows or similar, to help hold it in position for comfortable use.


Toys for erectile dysfunction:

Penis pumps can help strengthen your erection and its firmness. Just apply some lubrication and place the pump over your penis. Pump the flexible bulb to increase the suction, slowly encouraging blood to flow into your genitals. Pumps have a quick release valve, so if the suction becomes too intense you can quickly reduce the pressure. Some harness compatible toys are hollow, allowing a penis to be inserted into them; if you are having difficulty forming an erection these can allow you to pleasure your partner with penetrative sex.


Kegel devices:

These are great for people who suffer from conditions which cause weak pelvic floor muscles and incontinence issues. Women are sometimes advised to use these after pregnancy, to gain back the muscular strength and control they had prior to childbirth. Stronger kegel muscles can also help increase sensitivity and control over orgasms. With strengthened pelvic floors muscles, you’re also able to grip onto insertable toys more easily when using them vaginally, helping you control the toy’s motion when thrusting.


Suction bases:

Sex toys with suction bases offer you the option of using your toy in various hands-free positions. This is perfect for those who have hand mobility issues. Suction bases are great for people who have trouble handling heavier objects, as you can position the toy firmly onto a surface and thrust yourself to a pleasurable climax.


Toys with wrist cords:

Many sex toys have a corded wrist strap attached to the product, meaning that you are able to loop the toy around your wrist or fingers, making certain that you don’t drop your toy during play. Wrist straps are perfect for those who have trouble fumbling around with toys due to dexterity issues, and are also great from those who have mobility issues and may not be able to easily move around to pick up a dropped toy.


Finger rings:

These are toys which slip over a finger, like a ring, for easy control. Finger rings are great for people who experience uncontrollable muscle spasms which could lead to dropping a vibrator mid-play. They are also beneficial if you have mobility difficulties, and would have trouble retrieving a dropped vibrator. Finger Rings are also brilliant for those who suffer from fatigue, as they tend to be relatively lightweight, and require less effort to control than other toys.


Hands-free and sex machines:

Hands-free toys are great for people who have disabilities which restrict their movements, as you are able to position the toy and benefit from the pleasure it produces, whilst applying very little movement. Hands-free toys and sex machines are also good if you have limited movement with your hands, as you can either rock yourself to climax, strap a toy in place, or let a machine thrust for you. Some toys can be strapped around a thigh, foot, hand, or onto a surface such as a chair, allowing for a variety of creative play solutions. With a lot of hands-free sex toys, you are able to experiment with positions which you might normally find difficult. Various hands-free devices can also be worn penetratively and discreetly, offering you the option of more privacy during use.


Contoured toys: 

Contoured vibrators tend to have ergonomic grips, but also have contoured bodies for easier application, particularly towards the clitoris if it’s an external vibrator. The toy’s grip also tends to be wider than on toys like bullets, and vibrations travel less through the graspable part, so they are perfect for those who experience discomfort in their hands which could be triggered by vibrations. The curved body of some of these toys also allows the user to lie on top of them whilst they are comfortably positioned against the genitals. They can normally be easily slotted between you and partner during penetrative sex, to provide extra stimulation.

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