Save The Cucumber!

Salad and vegetables have been used widely in sexual exploration throughout history, but there’s Image from particular vegetable which has suffered more than most: The Cucumber.

This phallic-shaped product grown out of mother nature, is for many one of the first objects used when exploring masturbation penetratively by those without the access to actual sex toys. Not only does its shape influence the sexual imagination, but its name doesn’t do it any additional favors “Cu’cum’ber”.


The cucumber isn’t always the safest of items available when it comes to sex toys. Their flesh can hold bacteria, but also some cucumbers have been sprayed with pesticides, which may cause some people to experience an unpleasant reaction.


Shevibe’s here to help, by setting up a non-profit website known as ”Save the cucumber”.


Save the Cucumbers is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rights and preservation of this long abused vegetable. For many years the cucumber has suffered silently – in darkened hotel rooms, kitchens and occasionally the backseat of cars.Although its plight is widely known, it is rarely spoken of…until now. The primary mission of Save the Cucumbers is to create awareness, offer education and alternatives to cucumber abuse, and to review the safety & quality of cucumber replacements – now you can be a part of the solution.

While our advocates have managed to reduce the number of reported abuse cases significantly there is still a large part you can play:

1. Talk to friends & family – help them understand the the problem. 

2. Suggest alternatives so that cucumbers no longer have to suffer. 

3. See our pleasure toy reviews to find quality cucumber replacements! 

4. Lastly, live a cucumber free lifestyle – outside of your salad anyway! – See more at:

Do you want to see your salad greens saved from abuse? Cucumbers are unable to stand-up for themselves and need your support now! So why not visit and offer your support now!
I already can see that this movement is going to be a success, and I look forward to it inspiring Save The Banana movement (Which I advocate due to a personal allergy).

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