Rocks-Off RO-Val

When I first heard about the Rocks-Off RO-Val, I was thinking how great it would be, as it’s a bullet in the style of a pendant. I don’t always have a hand bag, and a lot of clothing lacks pockets, so being able to sling a vibrator round my neck and go out into the world with my head held high, knowing that I had a pleasure object easily accessible, sounded great. Sadly, for me the RO-Val wasn’t as good as I had expected.
The RO-Val arrives in a black box with a clear window similar to most of the Rocks-Off packaging. The box also has a slight resemblance to a small jewellery gift box. The bullet is a resting on a velvet coated plastic insert. The pendant’s string is tucked behind the insert, making the toy a little tricky to remove. The first thing I noticed about the RO-Val was the string. The string will fit anyone with a neck thinner than 17 inches in circumference. It is made from very scratchy material, and to me just looks rather cheap. There is an adjustable chain and clasp on the string, but I feel this would break very easily. This really is only a minor problem, as you can remove the string and replace it with something of better quality. The pendant itself is made from a gold coloured plastic, which doesn’t look like metal, but also doesn’t appear as if it’s cheap kids dress-up jewellery. I was worried that the gold would be too cheap looking, but I feel it’s ok and seems to work well with most clothing. On the front of the toy you can see the Rocks-Off logo, which resembles a small heart motif.
Before turning the toy on you will need to unscrew it to remove a piece of paper blocking the connectors and batteries. When turning the toy on for the first time I thought mine was actually broken. To turn the toy on there is a plastic dial embedded into the back of the bullet. I found that this was very difficult to turn, and I needed to use my fingernails to get it moving. Once I finally managed to turn it on I found it hard to adjust the vibration settings, and found that it was easiest to turn it up to its full power. I noticed instantly that the bullet is quite noisy considering that it’s intended to be worn out and about. I doubt you could get away with using this toy in the workplace bathroom without people hearing it. The vibrations do feel quite strong for the size of the product, but to me it’s not as powerful as other Rocks-Off products.
When wearing the toy out and about, no one seemed to suspect that the pendant was actually a sex toy. I even had once person comment on how nice it looked. I have however found that the bullet’s surface scratches easily, meaning that eventually it will look too tatty to wear. 
I pulled the string back, the toy normally would hang lower.
When using the toy I found that a small amount of extra lubricant was needed. I found one major problem though; at the tip of the toy there is a small moldline bump, which I found scratched my clitoris, making it very uncomfortable to use. I’ve tried a few lubricants of different consistency, but have always found it too uncomfortable to use. I also found that the vibrations were even harder to adjust while using the product – I would’ve preferred a push button control or similar. I think if I didn’t experience issues with the sharp tip and difficult controls, then this bullet would’ve worked well for clitoral stimulation, as the vibrations are ok.
I encountered another problem with the bullet, and that’s that it eats batteries, even when turned off. As it takes two LR44 batteries they can be expensive and difficult to replace. I understand that some bullets should be stored without the batteries, but I feel that with the RO-Val this is a big problem. As you would be wearing the bullet round your neck, you may not have anywhere to store the batteries while out and about.  I’m also constantly falling asleep with jewellery on too, meaning that the batteries could end up running out over night while I’m sleeping.
Cleaning the toy can also be a bit difficult as it’s not even splash proof. You have to be careful not to get water into the dial area. It’s best to use an antibacterial wipe to clean the bullet, and if needed wash the string necklace in warm soapy water separately. Its lack of water-proofness also means you can’t wear it out and about while it is raining.
I did want to like the RO-Val. When purchasing this toy I was a little sceptical about the colour, because I tend to find yellow gold colours are too harsh against my skin, but I still thought it would be a good investment due to the convenience of being able to keep it with me at all times. Sadly the tip is too rough to enjoy the vibrations, the controls are frustrating, the vibrations are too loud to use in public, and not being splashproof is a huge oversight for a wearable vibrator. I guess if you don’t have sensitive skin, have the time and fingernails to operate the controls, and you’re not overly worried about the noise level, then this vibrator might work well for you – just don’t go out in the rain. 
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