Rocks Off RO-100mm Soft Tip Bullet

The Rocks Off RO-100mm Soft Tip Bullet is designed to not only be a step-up in power from the RO-80mm bullet, but also has three different vibration modes delivered via a flexible pinpoint tip, rather than a standard rigid tip. The addition of the flexible silicone tip means that the toy should offer more natural stroking sensations during use. I was hopeful that this would lead to a more powerful clitoral orgasm than when using a firm tipped bullet. I was however a little concerned that the silicone tip would slide around uncontrollably.
The RO-100mm arrives in a clear plastic reusable storage case, with ‘RO-100mm Soft Tip’ printed onto it. There is an instruction manual stuck to the case’s side, which folds out; it is easy to remove. To access the toy simply unscrew the bottom of the storage case. The toy is 4 inches in length and is just less than 2.5 inches in circumference. The silicone tip takes up 1.25 inches of the toy’s length and is made from a slightly plushy silicone which is rather flexible. It causes mild drag when rubbed against dry skin. The rest of the product’s body is made from a metallicised plastic which is rigid and glossy. The toy’s appearance reminds me of a lipstick. An  oval shaped stamp on the side of the bullet displays the product name and brand logo – this is perfect for resting a thumb on during use, especially as the glossy plastic can be troublesome to grip once lubricated.
 At the base of the toy you will find the control button in the centre of a twist removable battery cap.  The toy is waterproof and has a strong seal.  Upon removing the battery cap you are confronted with a disc of paper. This is in place purely to keep the battery separated from the connectors. Dispose of it and you will reveal a single N battery, supplied with the toy and already within the chamber. Make sure you don’t remove the piece of plastic with the battery diagram printed on it. This stops parts of the toy’s circuitry from connecting with the battery, and if removed the toy is unlikely to work. When tightening the battery cap back into place, make sure you align the marks found on the cap and the toy’s main body. The battery cap can be difficult to tighten, and may require some force. 
To turn the toy on, click the silicone push button. The bullet has three vibration modes. The first is a moderate continuous speed, the second is a step-up in power offering reasonably strong vibrations, and the third is a pulsation mode. The vibrations are of a buzzy nature. To turn the toy off, click and hold the push button for a few seconds. The vibrations aren’t the loudest, but they are a bit noisier than with some bullets. I still doubt you’d be able to hear them from behind closed doors though.
Although the silicone produces some drag when rubbed against dry skin, I found the flexible tip comfortable during use, even with only my natural lubrication – though you may wish to apply a small amount of water based lubricant. The tip flexed and flicked against my clitoris, swishing along smoothly with my movements, and gently spreading my body’s fluids over me. As well as using the toy in swishing and circling motions, I was able to pinpoint the tip onto my clitoris comfortably. This was largely thanks to the sheer smoothness of the silicone; the tip is pleasingly free from any mould lines or other imperfections. During use I enjoyed the strongest continuous mode the most, but depending on what motion I used the toy in, I found all the vibration modes pleasurable to some extent. The vibrations aren’t the strongest for clitoral stimulation, but I enjoyed being able to manipulate the tip of the toy by using different motions. This made the experience feel more natural, and similar to a circling fingertip or flicking tongue. I also liked how the silicone would naturally adjust to my body temperature during use. I was able to experience a rather pleasant clitoral orgasm, mostly due to the flexible tip.
The toy is also perfect for stimulating your nipples, although I’d recommend applying a small amount of lubrication to your nipple and areola before using the toy in this way. Dancing the tip around the areola and hurdling it over an erect nipple makes for excellent foreplay.
When cleaning the toy make sure you pay a little extra attention to where the silicone tip meets the plastic shaft, and to the engraved logo area, as dirt can easily reside in these locations. Because the toy is waterproof, you can simply wash it with water and your standard antibacterial cleaner.
Overall, the RO-100mm is an excellent bullet. Its flexible tip is comfortable and open to manipulation, meaning that I’m able to produce more natural, pleasurable motions. The vibrations are moderately strong; some may find them a little weak, but I found them enough to satisfy me. The bullet would also make a great couple’s toy thanks to its flexible tip. This means you’re unlikely to cause discomfort to your partner when applying pressure onto their delicate intimate parts, and so it makes for absolutely delectable foreplay.
Thank you to Bondara for sending me this bullet for my review. You can find out more about it here.

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