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Review for the Rocks-Off Luv.

The Rocks-Off Luv is a battery powered general body massager with a pointed heart shaped tip. Unlike a lot of massage wands, the shape of the Luv makes it ideal for more accurate pinpoint stimulation, making it perfect for either working out those tight muscular knots or delivering more direct vibrations to the clitoris. The neck of the vibrator is also contoured for easier control, and means you are able to rest the head of the massager over the vulva even during sexual intercourse, without getting in the way too much.
The Luv arrives in a clear outer box that has pink hearts printed over it. The product is marketed as a general body massager rather than a sex toy. At the side of the box you will find a small instructional diagram showing you how to remove the battery cap, and what the power and function buttons on the toy look like. Unlike many of Rocks-Off’s products the Luvdoesn’t arrive with batteries, so you will need to purchase 4 AAA batteries prior to use. After removing the outer box you will find a more solid clear plastic storage box – a bit similar to what Ferrero Rocher come in.
The Rocks-Off Luv sex toy
The Luv is 6.5 inches in length, and 2.5 inches in diameter at its widest point. The head of the massager is shaped like a love heart and is coated in a pink silicone. The silicone produces a small amount of friction when rubbed against dry skin – I advise you to use water based lubricant with the toy, or a suitable massage oil. The massager’s head is firm, and unlike some massagers doesn’t have a flexible neck.  The massager’s neck and handle are made from a smooth high gloss ABS plastic, which can become slippery easily, making the toy tricky to hold sometimes. Found on the neck of the toy there are two buttons; one On/Off button, and one for mode of vibration. When the Luv is switched on the button interface will glow purple. During use I found that, even though the massager is comfortable to grip, my fingers would hover over the buttons frequently. This meant I would accidentally change function or turn the toy off occasionally. I feel the buttons need to be a little firmer for such a high powered vibrator; also, the Luv might benefit from a textured or silicone handle grip. At the base of the toy you will find a waterproof battery cap. To remove, simply push in a downwards motion on the Rocks-Off logo, while pulling slightly away from the main product.
Battery powered magic wand.
The Luv has five vibration modes. These are three continuous speeds ranging from moderate to relatively intense, and two pulsation modes. The vibrations offer a deep buzzy sensation which can be felt throughout the silicone heart, and are noticeably stronger at the tapered tip. As expected from such a powerful toy, the vibrations are somewhat noisy. The vibrations are felt within the handle but aren’t too off-putting when gripping the toy, apart from if the handle becomes highly lubricated, as this will make your grip slide about freely.
When using the Luv as a clitoral stimulator I am able to comfortably rest the shaft of the toy on my pubic mound, meaning that the bottom of the toy’s tip would sit comfortably above my clitoris while the rest of the head sat above my labia. When resting the toy like this, even though the vibrations are strong, the toy didn’t cause me to climax. I found I needed to angle the toy more directly onto the clitoris and apply a bit of pressure to produce a clitoral orgasm, while also opting for the strongest continuous vibration setting, rather than any of the other modes. Although the other modes were pleasurable, they couldn’t quite bring me to climax.
I found that the Luv’s tapered tip worked perfectly as an all over body massager, easily working out those tight niggly aches and pains. The curved neck made reaching and massaging my back effortless, meaning I was able to apply enough pressure when working out any aches and pains, without causing my wrist to tire. I also found the tip of the toy perfect for massaging between my shoulder blades. When needing to massage a bigger area I was able to glide the top of the heart over the required area.
The Luv massager can be used during sexual intercourse. Simple place the tip of the toy onto your clitoris and rest its neck and handle on your lower abdomen
As the toy is waterproof, cleaning is simple. Just wash in warm water with your standard antibacterial wash.
Holding the Rocks-Off Luv
Overall, I like the Luv body massager, and welcome its innovatively designed head as a useful change away from the standard rounded massage head. I feel that the Luv is a great option for those looking for something slightly more powerful than your standard external vibrator, while not being overpowering like some wands. However, I do feel the toy needs to have some form of grip on its handle, to make handling the vibrator easier. The angle and shape of the toy’s head open up many possibilities as to how to use the toy, whether using it as a couple or for solo play, in both intimate and non sexual ways.
Thank you to Rocks-Off for providing me with this body massager for my review.


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