RO-G-Spot by Rocks-Off

The RO-G-Spot is a curved G-spot toy by Rocks-Off, based on their straight tapered tip RO-120mm bullet. This rigid G-spot toy is meant to offer pin-point pressure on your G-spot whilst emitting exceptionally strong vibrations directly at its tip. Being the perfect length for the average G-spot, the large adapted bullet should accommodate most women’s bodies whilst at the same time not offering too much or little shaft, which can make your toy cumbersome to control. 
The toy arrives in a canvas textured box which matches the majority of the packaging used by Rocks Off. On the back on the box you will find a small amount of product information. The toy has 5 vibration modes, is waterproof, and is also handily supplied with two AAA batteries. The front of the box has a clear plastic window revealing the product inside. Above and below this window you will find the product’s name, brand name and logo, all printed in silver. The windowed lid hinges open, so you have easy access to the vibrator inside. The vibrator is resting on a moulded velvet-feel plastic rest, keeping the product secure during transit. Underneath the rest you will find a miniature Rocks Off catalogue.
The toy is 5.5 inches in length, with approximately 4.5 inches of this insertable, and is 3.5 inches in circumference.  Towards the head of the toy the shaft bends sharply, leading to a finely tapered tip. The tip has very little service area, but is slightly rounded and very smooth. The rigid shaft of the toy is coated in a velveteen PU plastic coating, which causes hardly any drag when rubbed against dry skin. On the shaft towards the base there is an oval groove containing the product’s engraved name and logo within – this is perfect for positioning a thumb over for extra grip when using the toy externally.
At the base of the product is a large screw battery cap, which also houses a single push button control. Inside the battery compartment you’ll find a piece of circular paper blocking the already inserted batteries from the connector. Remove this before screwing the battery cap back into place. When tightening the battery cap, make sure you align the two raised lines found on the battery cap and main shaft. The toy is waterproof and has a good quality seal running between the main shaft and battery cap. 
The control button is made from a soft silicone and is rather large. To turn the toy on, simply click the button. There are five vibration modes; three continuous speeds, a pulsation mode, and an escalation mode. All the vibrations are pretty strong and the motor produces high quality smooth vibrations, which are buzzy in nature. The vibrations are mostly focused at the tip of the toy, but can be felt throughout its entirety. Press and hold the button to turn the toy off again.
When using the toy I found my body needed some foreplay and lubrication prior to insertion, due to how pointed and sharply angled the tip was. At first I dipped the tip inside my vaginal entrance, and slowly tried to curve it around towards my G-spot as I threaded it into my body. I eventually managed to slide the shaft inside me, and whilst doing so experienced some discomfort as it prodded into my cervix and the front of my vaginal wall sharply. Relaxing my pelvic floor muscles after the initial shock, I was able to position the tip of the toy over my G-spot. It took a short amount of time for my body to adjust to the pointed angle of the toy as I slowly used it in a thrusting motion. I found that the toy’s tip didn’t have enough surface area to cause a G-spot climax. When used this way it would occasionally miss my G-spot, especially when my pelvic floor muscles naturally clenched with excitement, leading the toy off course momentarily. When thrusting with the toy too deeply or shallowly the tip would cause discomfort. I changed my approach to using the toy, circling the tip over and round my G-spot instead. I found this motion produced more pleasant and intense enjoyment. However, the small amount of shaft left outside me made it difficult to grip the toy for very long when using this motion. I was unable to comfortably use the toy in a rocking motion due to the unnatural contour of the shaft – I generally find a rocking motion to be the best when engaging in powerful G-spot play. I was able to eventually climax with the toy used internally, but even with its fairly powerful vibrations, it took a lot longer than desired. Often whilst using this toy I needed additional external stimulation to achieve orgasm. When removing the toy I found that the angled tip would sometimes probe the front of my vaginal wall and hook internally around my vaginal orifice.
I found the toy worked a lot better externally than when used internally. The rigid pin-point tip was not only great at working out tight muscular knots, but it was excellent for clitoral stimulation. I actually prefer this toy over similar but completely straight shafted bullet vibrators. I’m able to tease my clitoris and vulva easier, without having to mess around with uncomfortable hand positions while gliding the tip over myself. Also the tip of this bullet is exceptionally smooth; this is excellent as any roughness or imperfections on a bullet can make the whole experience very unpleasurable. I was able to glide the toy over my clitoris comfortably with very little additional lubrication, rapidly producing an orgasm.
When cleaning the toy remember to pay a little extra attention around the engraved logo and product name, as dirt can reside here. Other than that, simply wash in water with your standard antibacterial cleaner.
Overall, the RO-G-Spot vibrator by Rocks Off didn’t really work for its intended function. Not only did I experience some discomfort when using it internally, but I feel the tip needs to be wider to ensure G-spot arousal. This doesn’t mean that the toy might not work for you, as every woman’s anatomy is slightly different, but I would recommend using lubricant and plenty of foreplay prior to insertion. However, I found the toy an excellent clitoral stimulator, and liked the way I was able to easily apply the tip to my clitoris without having to fumble around awkwardly. A wonderful bullet, but not for the reason it’s supposed to be.
Thank you to Bondara for sending me this item for my review. You can purchase the RO-G-Spot vibrator from here.

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