RO-160mm Rocks-Off Bullet

The RO-160mm is a larger-than-average bullet vibrator by Rocks-Off, which has been donned ‘’The Big Bang Bullet’’. The bullet’s size and shape is similar in style to a classic vibrator, with its straight shaft and tapering tip, however, the RO-160mm is designed with a more accurate pinpoint tip, ideal for clitoral stimulation. The narrowed tip teamed with its extra powerful motor is meant to make this chunky bullet perfect for those who find weaker clitoral stimulators sincerely lacking when aiming for climax. Not only does the bullet’s colossal shape offer the user the option to use the toy vaginally, but the added girth and length also makes gripping the toy much easier than a smaller bullet. This provides more user-friendly handling when using with a lover during foreplay.
The bullet arrives in a sturdy black box, with silver gilded text of the product name and brand logo embossed onto the hessian–like exterior. Found stuck to the back of the box is a removable sticker, providing information on the main product features and a battery installation diagram. The product is a 7 function waterproof vibrator, which takes two AA batteries – which are included. The front of the box is a hinged lid framing a clear sheet of plastic, which acts as a window revealing the item inside. Lifting the box’s lid provides you access to the toy, which is positioned on a removable plastic tray. Underneath this tray you will find a miniature Rocks-Off catalogue. If you decide to remove the transit tray you are provided with bountiful space, allowing for the accommodation of additional toys, condoms, or even lubricant alongside the RO-160mm.
The toy is made from metallic plated ABS plastic with a PU coating. The bullet’s shell has a matte texture, but the even coating is exceptionally smooth and offers practically no drag when rubbed against dry skin. The RO-160mm’s casing is room temperature upon contact, which makes a pleasant change from many other metal or plastic bullets, which are often a little cold. The toy is 6.5 inches in length with approximately 5.25 inches of insertable shaft. It has a maximum 4 inches of girth, with its tip tapering to a rounded point. The tip does have a slight manufacturing dimple, but this has been mostly smoothed over by the metallic plating and PU coating – the coating is showing some signs of wear though, especially at the tip. A couple of inches down the shaft from the battery end you will find an engraved logo. The bullet is fairly well balanced around this logo stamp, offering even weight distribution when gripping the toy in this location. The logo also offers a textured surface to grip, perfect for your thumb to rest on even when the toy is heavily lubricated. Found towards the bottom of the toy is a twist battery cap with a large single silicone push-button. The button doesn’t require too much pressure to activate, whilst also not being overly sensitive. To access the battery chamber, simply unscrew the cap. You will encounter a small disc blocking the connectors from the batteries; remove this to get the product in working order. Do not remove the sheet (with battery diagrams on) wrapped around the batteries, as this will impede the product’s functionality. Twist the cap back into position, making sure you line up the raised ridges, found on the cap and main shaft and separated by the thick waterproof washer.
To turn the toy on, click the button. Repeated clicking will scan through the 7 vibration modes; 3 single speed modes, ranging from mildly-moderate in strength to relatively strong, followed by 4 pulsating and escalating modes. This bullet is louder than some sex toys. The motor emits buzzy but good quality vibrations.
When using the RO-160mm as an external stimulator, I found the tapered tip perfect for prying apart the labia and stimulating around the clitoris and urethral orifice. The vibrator worked best when a small amount of additional lubrication was applied. The tip of the toy wasn’t very accurate for stimulating particular areas of the clitoris, as the blunted end is wider than many smaller vibrators. However, the tip’s surface area, when positioned correctly, would cover the entirety of my clitoris, making sure that as many nerve endings were stimulated by the toy’s powerful vibrations as possible. The vibrations were strong enough to cause me to experience a clitoral orgasm quickly, without having to add too much manual labour, gliding the toy around. Thanks to the toy’s coating though, even when used in a gliding motion the tip didn’t cause any discomfort.
When using the toy vaginally, I found that the tip entered my vaginal orifice with ease and was able to slide into my body comfortably. I found that using the toy for deeper stimulation wasn’t as effective, as the vibrations didn’t travel down towards the base of the shaft well, meaning that the toy’s intensity missed the G-spot and vaginal entrance. The motors are powerful, and to gain mild G-spot stimulation I found it only necessary to insert the first couple of inches of the toy, as the vibrations would then easily travel throughout the lower area of my vaginal canal. Due to the shape of the toy, it wasn’t capable of inducing a G-spot orgasm, but worked effectively for foreplay or with the addition of an external vibrator.
When you are cleaning the product, make sure to avoid using any abrasive, coarse cleaning cloth or similar, as this will wear away the metallic coating. Pay a little extra attention to the logo area, as dirt can reside within these engraved notches. For the most part the product is easy to clean, as it’s waterproof – simply wash it under warm water with your standard antibacterial wash.
Overall the RO-160mm may look like a hefty piece of equipment, but its larger-than-average exterior is well balanced, relatively lightweight, and exceptionally easy to wield. The toy is best suited for external stimulation, as the motor and shape keep the vibrations most effective towards its pinpoint tip. However, it is still a good vaginal stimulator as the vibrations are strong, and when teamed with clitoral stimulation, it’ll certainly produce banging results.
Thank you to Rocks-Off for sending me this bullet vibrator for my review. You can find out more about this sex toy here.

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