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I recently received the Rimba ilusting clitoral vibrator, which is a rechargeable waterproof sex toy. I don’t own many rechargeable sex toys that are waterproof, so I was very excited about experimenting with this one in and out of the bath. The grooves on the product looked promising when using underwater, as some sex toys can be difficult to use in water due to their shape and the lack of lubrication.
The ilusting arrives in a box with some rather interesting and stylish pictures printed onto it. Even though I like the pictures, seeing a silhouette of a woman dancing and then a sex toy tree to the side of the box feels a little mismatched, although I’m sure I would be dancing with joy if sex toys grew on trees. There is also another image of the toy in a bowl of water; I always find it reassuring when a product claiming it is waterproof has an image of it working underwater. The top of the box is open which allows you to pull out a cardboard insert. Within the insert you will find a European power cord, a magnetic charging station, a manual, and the vibrator. You will need a UK plug adaptor to charge this toy. The vibrator is resting in a moulded plastic shell. When removing the toy from the plastic I found that it had somehow got stuck to the plastic, and I ended up having to carefully cut away the plastic. Once I managed to remove the toy I couldn’t find a trace of any tape or glue; it’s slightly worrying when a toy sticks to packaging. The toy claims to be chip-proof, and even when the scissors accidently knocked the vibrator there were no visible marks left.
The toy takes 8 hours to completely charge. It didn’t seem to have any charge when it first came out of the box. The toy charges via a magnetic charging station, meaning that there are no gaps on the toy for water to get in. When charging, you will see a flashing red glow coming from the tip of the toy, and once the charge is complete it will glow continuously. The light isn’t as off putting as those on some rechargeable toys; I think you could get away with charging it in your bedroom while you slept.
The toy reminds me of a tongue, especially when wet. There is a groove on the underside that comes to a soft point and resembles a tongue in a lapping position. At the base of the toy there is a hole which can comfortably fit a finger tip. This hole is also the magnetic charging connector. On the top of the toy you will find a ‘+’ and ‘-’ button. You can comfortably rest two fingers over these when holding the toy, without having to worry about accidentally pressing them. This is because the buttons are a bit stiffer than on some toys, but I feel this works well as the toy is small. I’m always accidentally changing the settings on other clitoral vibes, which can ruin the mood. The toy is made from thermoplastic elastomer, which has a slightly soft tacky feeling to it, and due to this I would recommend using additional lubricant.
When turning the toy on you need to hold down the plus button for a few seconds. Once on, the button will flash blue quickly. As you move up and down the settings the buttons will flash blue again to indicate the mode change. The controls don’t continuously glow blue, unlike some toys when turned on. There are three continuous vibration settings and 5 pulsation and escalation modes. The vibrator does seem slightly more powerful than, for example, the NEA, but it’s not as powerful as a wand or similar. The vibrator is relatively quiet; I doubt anyone would hear it when in another room. I do have one problem with it though; even though it’s quiet, it has an unsettling rumbling motor, which I don’t expect from such an expensive luxury toy. To turn off, you need to hold down the minus button for a few seconds.
When using the toy I found that it needed additional lubrication if used out of water, but when using it in the bath no additional lubricant was needed. When the toy is wet, whether it is in a bath or lubricated, the grooves on the underside can feel almost as if a real tongue is lapping at my clitoris. If the toy was softer and slightly more flexible I feel it would’ve been one of the best oral sex simulators I’ve tried. I found the toy easier to use by resting it in my palm rather than putting a finger through the hole. Even though the sensations from the grooves were very pleasant and relaxing, I found the vibrations too weak unless I pointed the tip directly onto my clitoris. This is slightly disappointing, as the grooved texture is pretty awesome, and would’ve made this toy perfect if the vibrations spread through the grooved area better. I know a lot of the time you want the vibrations at the tip of a clitoral toy to be stronger, but sometimes I just want to take advantage of the textured areas.
Showing the toy while switched on under water.
Cleaning the toy is very easy as it is waterproof. I recommend keeping it in the box, as it can attract dust easily; I was slightly surprised that there wasn’t a small travel bag provided with it.
Overall, this toy is probably one of the best clitoral vibrators I’ve used while in the bath. The grooves and material seem to allow water to run over its surface easily, meaning that you don’t have to worry about lubricant when in the bath. Also, I love how the grooves offer a similar texture to a lapping tongue. If you’re not overly worried about the vibrations not travelling so much through the grooved area, and are happy with pinpoint vibrations at the tip, then this toy could work for you. I guess when using a sex toy, especially a vibrator, I’m greedy and want it all. 
Thanks to Sexshop365 for sending me the ilusting Rimba clitoral vibrator for my review. You can purchase this toy here.

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