Revitalise Your Senses at The Summer House Weekend

Have you been wondering what to do this summer, which will offer you a new experience, and even fuel passion and desire into your day-to-day life upon your return home? Well then, why not check-out The Summer House Weekend. This event is all about relaxation, enjoyment, and helping to revitalise your mind, body, and spirit.

The event is packed full of sex and body positive activities and treatments. Including hot tubs, music, talks, workshops, and massage sessions (ranging from holistic, BDSM, Tantric, and more). It’s a weekend not to be missed!
I am hoping to also be attending The Summer House Weekend too, so it’ll be great to see many of you there.

A note from Tobias the founder of The Summer House Weekend:

The Summer House started last year as a party to celebrate my birthday and the birthdays of several friends. Last year’s event resulted in new friendships and partnerships…some people even called it “life changing”! We now have over 14 fellow Leos joining us to cut the birthday cake, but we welcome guests from all over the zodiac (plus people who don’t believe in any of that stuff!) The idea of The Summer House is to create somewhere where anyone interested in alternative lifestyles or communities can feel welcomed. So whether you’re a fan of festivals, whether you’re poly, whether you’re kinky, whether you’re a spiritual or a tantra type, whether you’re a skeptic, whether you’re a veteran of projects like Burning Man or Nowhere, or whether you like dressing up and performance…there should be something at The Summer House for you. I care about inclusivity so I want to welcome people no matter what their sexuality / gender / body type / ability and we have a low income ticket price for people in financial trouble.


So why not check-out the information about the event below:


Friday 16 – Saturday 18 August 2013


£55 Saturday night

£85 Saturday morning onwards

£95 all weekend


45 minutes on the train from Waterloo.

The full location will be revealed upon ticket purchase and confirmation.

Set in an Arts and Crafts house in acres of rolling grounds less than an hour south west of London, The Summer House is an intimate, magical country house weekend with none of the mess, hassle or noise of the festivals. Originally founded last year to celebrate the birthdays of White Mischief founder Tobias and a few friends, the event is now opening its doors more widely  – but is kept deliberately small in scale to maintain an intimate “friends of friends” feel. Whether you come just for the Saturday night party, arrive on Saturday morning for the workshops or enjoy the entire weekend, there are lots of opportunities to make new friends while learning, relaxing and being playful. If the weather’s glorious there is swimming in the spring-fed lake and exploring the outdoors; if it pours with rain there’s more than enough room for everyone inside the house, with log fires, storytelling and cabaret shows.

Just 45 minutes on the train from Waterloo, the House is easy to reach from London by public transport or by car. Guests may travel in each day, stay at a local B&B, camp in their own tent or glamp in a canvas bell tent. Food and drink includes communal feast dinners and breakfasts, healthy snacks from street food chefs and drinks ranging from cocktails through to smoothies.

Friday night includes a cabaret and spoken word show; Saturday night culminates in a dress-up party (with helpers on hand to give styling advice and help with accessories.) Circus, cabaret and fire performers take over the house with live music, DJs and a vintage cinema going late into the night.

An exercise in community building, The Summer House will appeal to the kinds of people who might be interested in events like Burning Man and Nowhere or who are interested in spirituality, self development or kink while maintaining a skeptical edge. Throughout the weekend there’s a range of classes and workshops including Pilates, Laughter Yoga, Hula-Hooping, Mask-Making, tantra, and belly-dancing. There are talks with leading authors, bloggers and previous TED talk alumni. free hot tubs, free hot showers plus massages and other treatments all weekend… and a variety of indoor and outdoor games from tennis, croquet and giant Jenga through to hobby horse racing and lemon jousting. Throughout, the emphasis is on creating connection, with speed meeting sessions and get-together ceremonies, rather than the anonymous faceless feel of most big parties.

The Summer House Weekend asks all guests to abide by eight core values, which are designed to keep the space friendly and safer for everyone. The event is intended to be inclusive and welcoming whether guests are able bodied or disabled; whatever their ethnicity, sexuality or gender might be and whatever their financial status may be – low income tickets are available.

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