Review: Womanizer X Lovehoney InsideOut Rechargeable G-Spot and Clitoral Stimulator

Sex Toy Review of The Womanizer X Lovehoney InsideOut Rechargeable G-Spot and Clitoral Stimulator


The Womanizer X Lovehoney InsideOut Rechargeable G-Spot and Clitoral Stimulator combine external pleasure air technology with an internal G-spot shaft. Air pulse tech is one of the most exciting things to enter the sex tech industry in a long time, it offers different sensations to vibrations, and the InsideOut combines the suction-like sensations with a vibrator. New tech and old trusty tech together felt like a winner and I was excited to see what sensations it would bring.

Womanizer InsideOut

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The InsideOut Rabbit is a rechargeable silicone sex toy, with a pleasure air technology clitoral stimulator and G-spot shaft. It offers 12 levels of intensity, where you’re able to control the air pulsing tech separately to the vibrating shaft. It’s waterproof, meaning you can use it in the bath or show too.

I’d enjoyed Womanizer products in the past as just clitoral stimulators without an internal shaft. The pulse air tech has led me to orgasm even when struggling with vibrations. I always wanted to add more stimulation, including penetration alongside using them, however, the shape made additional sex toys cumbersome.

When using the InsideOut I recommend adding water-based lubricant to the clitoral suction area to make the experience comfortable and a lot more pleasurable.

Positioning the clitoral area of the InsideOut took a moment once the shaft was inserted. I found that wiggling it over my clitoris and directing the air pulsing technology in slightly different areas offered different sensations. With the internal shaft inserted into the vagina, I could let go and use the sex toy virtually hands-free, with just applying extra pressure from my hand when desired.

Turning on the settings and scrolling through the options felt fiddly compared to some other control panels. Sometimes I would press the wrong button and either add too much stimulation or lose it completely.

As the shaft pulsed vibrations and the clitoral suction pulsed air, I was able to enjoy multiple orgasms. I liked the addition of the shaft, but the length of it made it too long for G-spot stimulation. I’m hopeful they’ll design more of these styles of rabbit vibrators with different shaft shapes and sizes.

Even though I’d like the shaft to offer slightly more sensations through a better shape, the clitoral stimulation was very morish. I used the sex toy for over 30 minutes, having orgasm after orgasm until I was too tired to go on and the battery of the sex toy lessened and seemed to reduce the power of stimulation. Unlike other sex toys, I didn’t get overly sensitive by continued stimulation. I topped up lubrication a few times during my play session to keep things comfortable, but mostly I was able to just get lost in the sex toys stimulation.


Cleaning the InsideOut is fairly easy. Pop off the suction cap and wash it in warm water, allowing it to dry before placing it back onto the sex toy. The main body can be cleaned under warm water with antibacterial soap as it’s waterproof.


Overall, The Womanizer InsideOut is a really good sex toy that leaves me craving more orgasms even when exhausted from multiple ones beforehand. It’s made me want a whole collection of different shaft types to choose from, and I hope Womanizer makes more variations. The only real issue I have with it is the controls could be better, and possibly introduce app-based tech options too. It’s a very satisfying sex toy, and if you do decide to buy one, make sure you order lots of lubricant too as you’ll need it (you can thank me later).

Thank you to Lovehoney for sending me this sex toy for my review.



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