Review: Tracey Cox Supersex Kegel Training Set

Sex Toy Review of the Tracey Cox Kegel Training Set written by Ness

The Tracey Cox Supersex Kegel Training Set is a set of six silicone kegel balls. When introduced to the concept of kegel balls many still think of ones which jiggle and vibrate due to a free roaming ball moving inside the device, these are however weighted solid balls, and act similar to actual weights. Consisting of six balls weighing from 50g to 130g, you can certainly grab this set and work up to the highest weight just like you would work your biceps at the gym and over weeks of routine and commitment reach the higher weight ranges.

The Tracey Cox Supersex Kegel Training Set is a weighted kegel set that arrives in a cardboard box picturing the devices contained within. Once opened, you find a purple and black plastic box which is blank, this means that it is extremely discreet and I doubt many would guess it contained kegel balls within. Inside the box you will find six kegel balls in tones of purple. The balls are more oval shaped which is better than round shaped balls as it fits more comfortably within the vaginal canal. The lightest silicone ball is the lightest weight, weighing 50gs, the balls then get darker in colour and as they do they increase in weight by 15gs each time apart from the last ball which jumps up by 20gs: 50g, 65g, 80g, 95g, 110g, and 130g. The balls are made from a soft smooth silicone. There are no raise ridges which could cause discomfort (particularly if you suffer from vaginal dryness), they are silky soft. They have a long silicone cord which rests outside of the body during wear.

kegel balls in autumn sun

When wearing one of the kegel balls I found that it was comfortable when inserted. It gave me an idea of when I was clenching my pelvic floor and most importantly for me when I relaxed it (I have trouble relaxing my pelvic floor muscles compared to contracting). I started with the lower weight and built up. Due to suffering from a small diastasis I avoided the higher weight until I was able to support the muscles in my lower abs and strengthen them more – I did this to avoid putting too much pressure on my bladder and pelvic floor which can lead to more issues when taking into the added weight from the kegel ball. Once used I found the Supersex Kegel Training Set was very easy to clean, the silicone washed nicely under hot water with my standard antibacterial wash.

Using the Supersex Kegel Balls during sex and masturbation wasn’t as eventful as when using jiggle/ free roaming kegel balls. I did find the weight and shape beneficial when wearing one vaginally during anal penetration, as the ball created a sense of fullness and made me more aware of my pelvic floor pulsing during climax. However, if you are suffering from bladder issues, I wouldn’t recommend this. It’s also worth noting that you shouldn’t need to use the higher weighted ball if doing this form of sexual play, the lightest should be find.

Working out with the Tracey Cox Supersex Kegel Balls inserted? These balls are different to jiggle/ free-roaming balls, personally I don’t think the weight would be good during a full Zumba or Pilates session and could easily lead to over tight pelvic floor muscles. If you are going to workout with one of these balls inserted, I really recommend just using one of the lowest weights, and simply only using it to help you work out if you have pelvic floor activation during a particular exercise. For example, some supine exercise I find my pelvic floor will switch off during certain Pilates moves, no matter how many cues I use to try and activate the pelvic floor nothing would mentally get through so I have benefited from inserting a light weight kegel ball to get some feedback to give my muscles to aim for. But, saying that I would only do it for a few reps of an exercise, then remove as my body has better awareness and can continue to work out. Of course, you can’t do this in an exercise class, but if you’re going to practice at home, it’s something to consider.

Wearing out in public, I feel that these again would put too much strain on the muscles and lead to tightness if used for prolonged wear. I also feel the cord is a bit too long to comfortably wear for too long without aggravation.


What are kegel balls designed for? I actually get asked this a lot and it still surprises me. There are many working in the adult industry and sexperts who even don’t really know, but here’s my take on kegel balls as someone who has trained as a pelvic floor specialist. Kegel balls are a device that can offer proprioception feedback to help inform you how your pelvic floor muscles are working. Many market these devices for tightening the vaginal canal, however that’s not really how they work, and tight muscles are actually a sign of other complications. Kegel balls, such as the ones in the Tracey Cox set really are there to bring awareness of your muscles, and force them to strengthen as the muscles naturally resist the weight, and this set is perfect as there are so many weight options to go through. They aren’t really designed for wearing over long periods of time, as this will over work the muscles and lead to tightness. Tight muscles aren’t strong, they actually become switched off or overcompensate for other muscles. Tight vaginal muscles can lead to not only issues vaginally when engaging in sex but can also lead to back pain, pelvic pain, incontinence, and some even have issues further up or down the kinetic chain of the body. It’s a fascinating area of biomechanics and sexual health combined. But basically, the goal is not to over work these muscles, rather we should be aiming for a little weight resistance, and build up. Kegel balls are basically devices that help the body become aware of how to use pelvic floor muscles naturally as you go through your daily activities from running to sex, they can help improve and reduce a wide range of pelvic and bladder related issues, back pain, and also help you gain better control over your sexual pleasure and even heighten pleasurable sensations for you but also for your lover during penis and vaginal intercourse.

Building up the pelvic floor is not just kegels if I’m honest, but kegel balls can be a great help for helping many feel their pelvic muscles work as there are many who don’t notice when they are activating them, and more commonly many aren’t aware of when they release these muscles and relax them – relaxing muscles is trickier than activating them for many and are just as important.

Now should you use kegel balls if you have a tight pelvic floor? Yes and no. This will depend on other factors such as prolapse and type, and what is causing the tightness. You should always consult your pelvic floor specialist beforehand as every one will need different treatment depending on the pelvic floor disorder. But if you are going to use them whilst suffering from tight muscles, I really think this set is better than some as you can start with such a low weight setting. Purely using the lowest weight ball just to get an idea that you are contracting and releasing the muscles may help, but, I wouldn’t do them as workout reps or leave in for any length of time without supervision from a specialist.

Kegel balls like the Tracey Cox set can help you self-assess how well you progress as you build your pelvic strength up. As you slowly work up from using the lightest weight and colour. There are some solid weight kegel ball sets where you change the internal weight for an individual ball, but I personally feel there’s issues here as not only is it harder to track your progress, it can also be difficult to keep track on the weight you have inserted into the ball. Place balls with changeable internal weights have a higher chance of retaining grim and dirt as they have to be twisted open and closed regularly. So, I really like the Tracey Cox Kegel Ball set as you can simply look at them and realise that yes, this one is heavier or lighter.  Plus, they are so much easier to clean too.

Once you have simply selected the weight you want, apply a small amount of waterbased lubricant to the kegel ball and simply insert it vaginally. You shouldn’t need to wear them for too long, some women like to start lying down with them contracting with their pelvic floor muscles whilst they read or Netflix. You don’t need to wear them for too long to gain some benefits, simply 5 – 15 minutes is enough. You may experience some muscle fatigue and this is perfectly normal. Remember to have rest day, mix up the weight, even when you manage a higher weight it’s sometimes still good to use a lower weight option from time to time. Enjoy them whilst you are standing, taking a shower – I know many recommend use them as you brush your teeth, however some find their pelvic floor let go when their mouth opens during brushing, others can get tension when clenching their teeth together, so it may be best to avoid brushing teeth and kegel workouts together until you know your body more. Now, often people miss this, but I find it beneficial to learn to do kegels in both lying and standing, as many will find they can contract and release easier in one position, but struggle greatly in another – it’s all about how different muscles will work together in positions at the end of the day and we need them all functioning for optimal pelvic health.

It’s worth noting when using the Tracey Cox kegel balls that sometimes during your menstrual cycle that sometimes your pelvic floor muscles many be more slack and you will need to use a lower weight, sometimes insertion may be easier or harder, this is all normal. If you are menopausal or post-menopausal then that’s a whole different hormone story and I recommend checking out Tracey Cox’s book, “Great Sex Starts At 50”.

kegel balls in a stream of water

Overall, if you have been recommended by a health care professional or feel that your pelvic floor health could do with a workout, then I really recommend the Tracey Cox Supersex Kegel Training Set. I like the colour coded weights and how these make it easy for you to select the right ball for you. The silicone is also high quality and the devices are comfortable and easy to insert.

It is worth keeping in mind though, that kegels aren’t the only thing that can improve pelvic floor health and seeing a specialist alongside using kegel balls can be beneficial, as there are many other exercises that can help speed up recovery.


Thank you to Tracey Cox and Lovehoney for sending me these kegel balls for my review.




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