Review: Tenga Spinner

The Tenga Spinner is a penis masturbator with an internal texture, and in the leave itself is a spring-like plastic to offer different pressures as you squeeze the device. I decided to let someone who has never used a male masturbator before, have a go and try the Tenga Spinner as their first penis sex toy experience.

Tenga Spinner Sleeve

As they’re new to this, I gave them some set questions to answer:

Have you used a masturbation sleeve before?

No. I’ve not used a masturbation sleeve before. 

What did you think of the sleeve when first seeing/holding it?

It’s weird. I wasn’t too sure about what to expect from it. It’s got a bit of a weird texture that I hadn’t felt before. It’s nice soft silicone, with a harder plastic spiral running through the silicone in the sleeve. The difference in pressure between the two materials felt nice rubbing between my fingers. 

When using…

…did the sleeve feel too tight/small or too big?

The sleeve was a good size. When I was a little harder with it, or, slightly rougher with it, it stretched and had some give with it, which made it feel more comfortable. 

…how did penetrating it feel? Comfortable? Pleasurable? Uncomfortable? Etc

Yeah, comfortable but it felt very different to masturbating with just my hands. Very different pressures and sensations. But it felt nice. Also, this has been the first time I’ve not had a problem with the foreskin getting stuck behind the head of my penis when masturbating or having sex. 

Tight foreskin is a common condition that can make stimulation uncomfortable for some, particualry when no lubrication is used.

…is it easy to hold during use?

It is easy to hold during sex. The material is easy to grip and nice to hold. 

…how would you describe the texture and how it made you feel?

It’s like if you were to cross a stim toy with a sex toy. The sensations of it feel nice in my hand. Rocking it back and forth, and the internal ridges just feel nice. The lube sachet that came with it was a bit of a mess to handle. So probably will go with lube in a pump next time. 

…did you have a preference on how you moved it over your cock? (Speed, twisting, focused on the whole shaft or just head?)

I liked to vary speed, pressure, and depth and it felt nice. Exploring different ways was fun and all felt enjoyable.

…how did your orgasm feel?

It was harder to notice than usual. While masturbating with my hand I can apply a lot of focused direct pressure and I didn’t feel the usual surge of pressure and rise in myself before my orgasm. It happened, it felt nice, but it was very different from what I’m used to. The orgasm felt more sudden.

…did you like using the sleeve and will you use it again?

Yeah. I would. I need to get some lube first though. 

How was it to clean and store after use?

Clean-up was easy. Washed it out with some hot water with soap and left it to air-dry overnight. 


From what I heard the sex toy was very enjoyable for them to use and an excellent introduction to male masturbator sleeves. It sounds like their experience was promising and will lead to investing in more sex toys in the future as well as lubricant.

When I inspected the masturbator I found the shape and size easy to grip indicating that it would be a good couple’s toy as it’s not too large or heavy. The spinner addition in the leave also feels ergonomic to where the finger would naturally rest when holding a product like this.

Thank you Tenga for providing me with this product to review, it sounds like it was a hit with the newbie sex toy tester I selected.

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