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Sex Toy Review of the Queen Bee Written by Ness

The Queen Bee is a sex toy intended for women manufactured by Hot Octopus who have already made a name for themselves in the industry when it comes to male pleasure products. Hot Octopus has used the same pulse plate technology they’ve used for their male toys, to allow women to try them too. Men can use the Queen Bee vibrator too of course, particularly if they already like the pulsating plate technology found in the Pulse but are looking for a different shape sex toy meaning it can be guided in different directions when compared to the Pulse which limits the pulse plate technology to be only able to be felt by the shaft of the penis, but can’t be used on other male erogenous zones easily.

I’m a big fan of the Pulse which is designed for men. I’ve had issues in the past when it comes to vibrators and guys; many sex toys either offer too much sensations and others not enough at all, but the Pulse has works for a wide test panel of guys I’ve tried it on, making it the most successful male vibrato I have tried. I was extremely hopeful that the Queen Bee would offer a similar outcome for women.

hot octupus queen bee vibrator

The Queen Bee has the appearance on an insertable vibrator with the oval tip and slim shaft attached. It’s almost as if the vibrator has visited Alice in Wonderland and everything is backwards; the long slender part is actually designed for holding with the control panel in and the oval part is where the pleasure pulsating element is housed.

The Queen Bee is 9.5 inches in length. At one end it has a thin shaft with a control panel, this is the handle, and the other end flares out into an oval shape and houses the pulse plate. The pulse plate is approximately 1.5 inches by 2.5 inches – this is where the pleasure centre is housed and most of the pulsating motions and sensations are located here and don’t spread very far beyond this point.

The control panel consists of an on / off button, a ‘+’ power up button, ‘-’ a power down button, and button for scanning through different patterns. There are also two metal magnetic charging contact points on the device where the USB charging cable can be connected. Anyone who knows me and has read my blog must know I really hate these magnetic charging contact points, they get dirty, they can become unhooked easily, and often they can look connected when they actually are not. The Queen Bee’s one is no different. I really feel the sex tech world needs to advance greatly here when it comes to how we can charge our sex toys. The Queen bee is made from non-porous medical grade TPE, this material whilst body safe has a tackiness-feel to it which to me just yells it’s going to be a pain to clean and cause friction when gliding across the skin.

Queen Bee Sex Toy

The Queen Bee is Hot Octopus’s take on a Wand Vibrator; however I feel that this sex toy is very far from any wand vibrator I have seen or used in the past that I would not place the Queen Bee in the Wand category at all. The vibrations from the oscillating plate are ok, but nothing special, sadly I was hoping that they would travel through the textured underside of the device but they are so weak there that it’s unlikely to add any stimulation.

The Queen Bee is meant to be fairly quiet; however, when turned on it has a droning noise similar to a didgeridoo, and slightly reminds me of parts of the synthesiser sounds.

When using the Queen Bee I applied a healthy dose of lubricant to my body and the pulsating plate and spread my vulva. I first started by positioning the centre of the pulsating plate over my clitoris and kept upping the sensations over time when I wasn’t receiving any satisfaction from the previous setting. Over the time of around 15-20 minutes the vibrator finally resulted in sending my body into a mild orgasm which left me in a slightly relaxed but moderately unsatisfied sate. I later decided to try positioning it over my clitoris differently. I nestled my clitoral numb between the surrounding groove of the pulsating plate, hoping that I would feel more intense sensations, sadly they sex toy actually felt less satisfying. I had hoped that I would experience a tapping or a quick lapping experience from the toy, but it didn’t even offer the sensations of a vibrator without moving parts. I actually haven’t found the Queen Bee to be overly pleasurable, and while it can cause me to climax it takes forever and isn’t as fulfilling as I would of liked. Sadly even applying more pressure to my body hasn’t helped with producing more satisfying sensations. Sadly no vibrations travel to the back of the device from the pulsating plate as it would have been interesting to see how the indented diamond texture felt as a vibrator.

When using the Queen Bee with a lover, I was hopeful that they would find it more successful as a pleasure device due to them enjoying the Pulse sex toy a device for men designed with the same pulsating plate tech. Sadly the plate is shaped differently and whilst I was hopeful I would be able to stimulate other erogenous zones on my male partner it wasn’t as intense as the Pulse. I think due to the shape of the pulsating plate being different and the lack of the curved chamber found on the male version of the sex toy, that the Queen Bee must be a lot weaker when it comes to putting out pulsing pleasure sensations. When I’ve put both the Queen Bee and the Pulse next to each other on max, you can clearly see the Pulse’s plate is bouncing around more than the Queen Bee’s. The pulse also not only looks like it’s vibrating more all over the device you can feel it stimulating with vibrations coming from the pulsating plate through other areas of the device. I have actually found using the underside of the Pulse more stimulating clitorally than the Queen Bee too.

The Queen Bee’s material is tackier than some and dirt seems to stock to it, lubricant and body fluids are harder to clean off it when compared to other materials, so I recommend using warm water, antibacterial soap and a good scrub with a cloth. The sex toy has various grooves and indentations which can trap dirt so make sure you pay particular attention to these areas.

Overall, sadly the Queen Bee isn’t as successful as I would have liked. Sure I may eventually orgasm with it but the end result is anticlimactic. Unfortunately my male lovers who have tried this device find it rather unsatisfying too. I was really hopeful that this would be as good as the male version but designed for the female anatomy, but it really isn’t even close to the male sex toy The Pulse by The Hot Octopus. Disappointingly it wasn’t even stratifying to my male partners which tells me that this sex toy must be much, much, weaker than the male sex toy The Pulse too. Due to this I really can’t recommend it, but I am hopeful that over time Hot Octopus will bring equality to their female sex toy and it will be just as powerful as their male sex toys, so everyone can enjoy pulsating technology with extreme pleasure.

Thank you to Hot Octopus for sending me the Queen Bee for my review. You can find out more, here.

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