Review: Neoprene Gas Mask Hood

Kink Review for the Neoprene Gas Mask Hood written by Ness


The Neoprene Gas Mask Hood from MEO is a military style sensory deprivation fetish hood. Gas masks can be used in kink play by submissives and Dom’s. When a Dom wears a Gas Mask it’s often as a fashion accessory, to maintain anonymity, and sometimes it can be worn to scare a submissive due to some people finding them generally scary. With submissives, they can add a sensation of fear to play due to them being associated with war and death. They can add to sensory deprivation by muffling sounds, controlling smells, restricting sight, and can be used in breath play. They can be used in various role play scenarios including interrogation. And sometimes just wearing one can help a submissive leave their everyday-to-day persona as it can help dehumanize them.

Fetish Gas Mask

The Gas Mask is made from neoprene rubber which is a velvety smooth rubber which feels slightly spongy when pressed (it is very similar to surfing clothing fabric). The inside of the Mask is lined with fabric which makes it easier to put one when compared to standard latex mask. At the back is a zip which is easy to use when putting it onto yourself or a submissive. At the front of the mask is a raised standard rubber piece which is moulded to the contours of a face. Here you will find the plastic windows for the eyes, the hose fittings and two-way breath filer, and a small screw cap which has a one-way valve tube which allows a submissive to breath out but not in. The main material is stretchy and will fit necks from 15 inches in circumference and stretch to fit larger if needed (it will fit smaller necks however this will mean the product isn’t as airtight). The material does mark and indent easily so if you’re getting this Mask I recommend getting a foam mannequin head to prop it up onto. If you want to buy a Gas Mask tube to fit onto this device you will need to find one with a 40mm screw thread.

Gas Mask, Role PlayFetish MaskUpon arrival to my domain I commanded my submissive to kneel down in front of me. I placed the mask over his head zipped it up. I then directed my sub to my massage bench where he lay down for me. With my sub positioned this way I found it easier to perform breath play (also it meant that if he became dizzy through it that he wouldn’t fall due to light headedness). I was able to place the palm of my hand over the two way breath filer. As I restricted the air with my hand the mask started to form a vacuum which made the material wrap as the oxygen supply started to lessen. My submissives only air supply was his own recycled air, with the occasional respite where I released my palm allowing him to breathe easier as I brought him in and out of the hazy state.

When a sub is using the one way valve mouth piece which he is only able to breathe out of it allowed me to treat my submissive by breathing into a gas mask tube connected to the two way filter, allowing him to only breathe air from myself.

The mask not only muffled my commands making my submissive feel inferior when he struggled to make out my commands but when given permission to speak he found that the muffled echoes of his voice disorientated him.

The submissives range of smell was also restricted when using the mask. With his head being confined in the air restrictive space he mostly could only smell himself and things directly near the two way valve. Whilst I haven’t rewarded my submissive this way yet, I know some Mistresses enjoy muffling the filter with used underwear so that they get a more focus whiff of their sent as a treat.


I’ve found using the mask a great way of helping keep my subs eyes focused to a particular area. If you have a naughty sub whose eyes wander at times then this could be used as a great method to stop them from doing it so easily.


Simply wash the mask with a mild soapy sponge and dry with a microfiber clothe. Do not use a cleaner with alcohol in it.


Overall, I’ve enjoyed using this Gas Mask within my sessions. My submissives have found it very comfortable, and have really liked wearing it. Its higher quality than my latex Gas Masks I already own. It also doesn’t have that strong latex smell like others which can be a pro or a con depending on the sub. It also seems to fit various size submissives easily which is great.


Thank you to MEO for sending me this fetish mask to review. You can find out more here.


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