Review: Lovehoney Health Silicone Dilator Set

Sex toy review of the Lovehoney Health Silicone Dilator Set by Ness

It may be hard to believe but my body isn’t immune to sexual discords and dysfunctions. And even when being labeled as a sex guru with the answers to many things, there are some things that I’m yet to completely figure out practically when it comes to my own body. Pelvic pain disorder is one of the things my body will ever likely be free of completely due to having multiple musculoskeletal conditions that influence how my pelvic floor functions. So when I find new methods and tools that can make my body more comfortable it can make the world of difference to me.

a set of five pastle green silicone dilators in a cardboard box, with a silver storage bag under it. A booklet sits next to the dilators.

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Pelvic pain for me not only can affect my sex life from time to time, but I can experience discomfort from it when sitting, or trying new forms of cardio. Sometimes I need to make sure I have regular pelvic floor massages to help relieve the tension. Depending on how my body with when coping with other conditions, it can be harder for me to perform these manually on myself. So, when I received the Lovehoney Health Silicone Dilator Set and saw that they had the addition of finger-loop handles to the base, I was excited to see how this could make self-management of my pelvic floor disorder easier.

I have used the dilators for no-erotic vaginal massage and stretching, as well as erotic stretching before sex or play with sex toys that would normally cause muscle spasms without the use of dilators.

Dilators can help individuals with various pelvic floor conditions and needs. The need for dilators can vary and it’s always best to ask your healthcare provider about whether or not the use of them will help or upset your condition.

The Lovehoney Health Silicone Dilator Set is a set of 5 silicone dilators of various sizes ranging from 15mm in diameter up to 35mm, each increasing by 5mm. Each dilator not only offers a different girth from the others in the set, but they also each have a different length of insertion with a numbered gauge along for shaft for you to understand how deep you can insert a particular length at a given time. Whilst a gauge for depth may not seem like much it can help you understand what sex toy is suitable for your body at the time as well as help you understand whether or not a partner with a penis needs to wear a specialist cock ring that reduces the possible insertable shaft during penile to vaginal play. The dilators come in a simple cardboard box, and within the box are the five dilators, a fabric storage bag, and a small instruction booklet.

This dilator set is rigid and firm, each dilator also has a slight weight to them. If you feel you need squishier items for insertion you may find this set too firm for you. The weight may also be uncomfortable if you’re experiencing increased pelvic floor heaviness. The shape of the dilators is straight and if you experience POP (pelvic Floor prolapse) you may find ones that are more flexible or curved better for your body.


In Use

Sometimes my body can be a bit too eager for insertion due to a connective tissue disorder, my vagina can be stretched too quickly, when the muscles surrounding it aren’t even ready. So each time when using the dilators I always start with the smallest, even when my body feels like it can skip past the basic stages.

With a water-based lubricant, I slowly insert the smallest one, and as do I gradually breathe and allow my vaginal walls and pelvic floor to relax around it. When insertion is harder I find adding a pillow under my lumber spine beneficial. The smallest dilator can be the hardest to control even with the handle, so I will often use it slower than any of the other sizes, so I don’t accidentally jab myself uncomfortably.

I can ease into using the larger ones quicker than the first one. And the handle can make it easier to quickly grab the next one and insert it when my body is ready.

The dilators don’t hit any particularly “sweet spots” during use, even though they are of a traditional classic sex toy shape. The greatest sensation I get from using them is the relief when the tension from the pelvic floor muscles is released. I’ve found using dilators once or twice a week can make various everyday activities more comfortable, from sitting to walking. When I’m able to enjoy these daily needs, it also helps me feel more positive and this, in turn, resulted in me being more likely to want to engage in sex or even solo masturbation.

Sometimes the rigid shape of this particular dilator set isn’t comfortable when my pelvic floor tension and pain are too much, and during those times I need to use more flexible and softer dilators.

Anal? Whilst the first two dilators have a slightly flared base, the shape of these dilators is a bit too straight for comfortable anal play. I wouldn’t recommend them for anal masturbation or dilation.


Cleaning the dilators is easy as they are made from a silicone outer layer which allows them to be sterilised or washed in water with your standard antibacterial soap.


Overall, this set is a nice set that is less clinical than some dilators already out there. The handles offer you more control than those which don’t have handles, and this also helps make it easier for someone else to use them on you if you’re looking to add them into your couples play. Whilst rigid dilators are beneficial for some pelvic floor disorders and needs, I would like to see a similar handled set made from softer and flexible silicone for times when firm insertable is a no for my body. The Lovehoney Health Silicone Dilator Set is much better than many prescription dilators currently offered on the NHS.



Thank you to Lovehoney for sending me this set of dilators for my review.



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