Review: Lovehoney After Dark Board Game

Sex Toy Review: Lovehoney After Dark Board Game

The Lovehoney After Dark Board Game is a game intended to help you explore your sexual partner. It can be played by couples or groups, and has so many options to explore there’s bound to be something stimulating for everyone.

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It’s been so long since I’ve tried a sex board game that even I was a bit nervous about it. Some of my past experiences weren’t positive as much older style games were extremely seedy and even sexist. I was hopeful that things had changed in the world of sex and that this game would be more sex-positive and fun, and it was.

The board has different tiles with activity cues on them, to add a bit of surprise when you land on some you have to select a card matching the square.

There are 4 types of cards:

  • You Said What?

Cards give you hints on what not to say when getting sexual with someone. Although going through this deck, some could be used as playful FemDom teases.

  • Oh, I say!

Cards with adult charades and sexy doodles. A chance to bring silliness into the bedroom, and help make the moment less serious.

  • Kinky Confessions.

Cards where you get to know each other’s sexual likes and dislikes.

  • Talk Dirty.

Cards that help you talk about new sexual possibilities and adventures you can do together. Another deck to help you learn your sexual partner’s likes and dislikes.

Some of the cards hint that you should perform or discuss what’s on them there and then, and others give you ideas you can plan for later in the week.

The board game is fairly fun and whilst it looks like it’s a short game to play, it can take hours.

It’s fairly flexible as it gives you ideas on alternatives to cards or a pass card if you select the one you’re not comfortable with. Even having cards in the deck that you may not enjoy can open up discussion as to why you don’t like certain things sexually and can help your sexual partner learn about your likes and dislikes.

Moving the plastic pieces around the board you slowly work through various sexual activities, selected at random from the luck of the dice and cards. It can add spontaneity to your sex life if you’re struggling to engage in spur-of-the-moment acts.

When playing the board game I tried it out with my friend with benefits who would be seen as rather conservative and vanilla during sex to some. I was excited to see what the board game would draw out in him sexually.

Setting boundaries beforehand, we got comfortable and set the game up. One thing that bugged me about the game is that there is no space for the cards on the board and that the cards can become easily mixed up during storage as there’s no separator in the box.

We took it in turns and slowly relaxed into it. The game allowed me to learn some things about my play partner and how they enjoyed certain types of stimulation. The communication cards were easy for them to follow and discuss further when instructed too

A few cards didn’t fit either of us when it came to our likes and dislikes, but it didn’t make us feel uncomfortable, and we were able to continue playing.

The board game was fun and did help make bedroom activities more exciting afterward we had finished. Some of the cards had definitely worked as forms of slow foreplay too, meaning we were more turned-on than if we hadn’t played the game.

It was good how it helped my friends with benefits open up more. I’m planning on playing the game with one of my polyamorous partners soon, who is more sexually open to exploring things and talking about sex. But it was really good to see someone get along with the game who isn’t normally that adventurous open up and not be put off by the suggestions.

Overall it was a fun sex board game, and unlike many others that now gather dust in the garage, I see it being played again in the future. It’s made me curious to see how other sex/couples board games have improved too.


Lovehoney sent me this item to review.

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