Review: Alida Of London Hair Remover Mitt


I have went hair removal insane recently and have explored many avenues. As a sex educator it is crazy how often I get asked about the best technique. I will be doing some short reviews on what products are there which you may have been tempted by before. Read this article to get expert advice.


Today I am offering you a short review for the Alida Of London Hair Remover Mitt. These are basically sand paper sleeves you place over your fingers and rub against your legs in a circular motion, in the hope they will smooth away hair.


My leg hair varies from ultra thin to mildly think. I have blonde light leg hair too.


When trying out one of these mitts I attempted to smooth away courses hair, and the device failed, even when following the instructions.


I tried using the mitts again after trying another hair removal device a few days prior, and they failed to remove the targeted hair.


The only success about these mitts is that they are able to smooth down stubble caused by blunt razors.


The main negative is that they can make a chalk board-like noise when brushing against your flesh – not something I enjoy to hear personally.


I really wanted to write a lovely long in-depth review for these mitts, but personally they were such an epic fail, that all I want to type is ‘meh’. I guess for 99p for a pack of three I haven’t missed out on much, but was expecting them to work better against my fine baby-like leg hair.

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