What is Private Sex Ed?

About the Sessions:

Somatic Sex Ed:

So you’re wondering what somatic sex coaching and education is? Well it’s a method which involves bodywork alongside verbal commutation to educate you about sexual pleasure and help you learn more about your senses. Combining touch and body movements alongside informative approaches to verbal communication you are able to learn more than let’s say what you would receive in a normal everyday sex education class.


I will help educate you how to touch yourself or a partner as well has guide you through the motions. Unlike with just verbal communication you may have received in the past, this method allows you to take in more than you would ever have previously dreamed.


Somatic Sex Toy Education:

As a specialist in sex toys I am able to help introduce you to new and pleasurable concepts on how to explore the world of sex tech with greater knowledge. I am able to talk you through how to use various motions to control sex toys, how to use sex toys on a partner, and how to become more aware of stimulation. You will go away with a new insight into how your body works with pleasure products.

With a wide range of sex toys from dildos, butt plugs, and more, I am able to help you get to grips with what products are out there. You may bring your own pleasure products with you if desired.

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Purely Verbal Communication:

Some people aren’t comfortable with combining physical touch during sex education alongside verbal. I am able to offer you in-depth advice in a down to earth manner to help bring awareness of your sexual potential to the surface.

I will be able to talk you through methods in which you can use privately to help relax you and heighten your sexual pleasure. I am able to chat with you on how to use various forms of sex toys, as well as talk to you about positions and more in which you can bring into your love life.



All sessions are available to people from any sexuality, gender, and orientations.


To book a session please check out more information here.


This is not an escort service.

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