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Sexual Wellbeing product review for the Private Gym written by Ness


The Private Gym is a kegel exercise device designed for men. It’s the first FDA approved devices for working-out the male pelvic floor muscles. It’s only recently that male kegel exercises have become more publicly accepted and known, for a long time many only believed that women needed to keep these muscles maintained, however the pelvic floor muscles are essential for both genders and for many reasons. The male pelvic floor helps control the bladder, rectum, and penis. Also a well developed pelvic floor is beneficial when working-out other muscles and maintaining overall fitness. Sexually a strong pelvic floor in men can help them achieve stronger erection, greater control over ejaculation, assist in making anal stimulation easier and even allow you to take larger sex toys if desired.


The concept behind the Private Gym isn’t totally new, for years sex educators (like myself) have been teaching men how to build-up these particular muscles, yet often in more complex ways with make-shift weight systems. The Private Gym comes fully equipped with a cock ring which has an adjustable weight system (a lot better than my fishing weight system), an instructional manual with work-out routines, a handy exercise Dvd, and a strong discreet storage case.

Private Gym Box Set

Private Gym Box Set

The training guide provided starts off with a simple introduction to the product, then goes on to explaining how the pelvic floor muscles work and where they are located. I feel that the way they have described the pelvic floor muscles is really well done, being scientific, yet easy enough for most people to understand. Once you have learned a bit about the pelvic floor and how it can benefit the male genitals and other bodily organs, the guide slowly eases you into a work-out routine which focuses on doing kegel exercises without the weighted cock ring. Over the pace of 4 weeks you will be instructed to perform various pelvic floor flexes and holds. These will all help you prepare your body for when you are ready to start adding the weighted cock ring system to your work-out. While you may be inpatient and want to start using the weighted system right away, I feel that the approach laid out by the manual is the best starting point, as it will help you learn how your pelvic floor works. You’re also less likely to overexert the muscles being used. These basic routines help step-up your body’s functionality and overall control over your penis and its erection and stamina. By the end of the first four weeks you’ll already start noticing improvements.

Once you have completed the first 4 weeks basic training, you should be ready to then move onto the resistance training, which uses the weighted cock ring. As you first start to work through the week-by-week guide you’d start with just using the main cock ring unit with its built-in 2.5 ounce weight. Again you’re given another set of weekly exercise routines, for the next 4 consecutive weeks. When you’re ready, you can add the additional magnetic 2.5 once weight, upping the intensity of your work-out.

Each daily routine lasts for a total of 10 minutes. Once you have completed the routines provided within the manual, you can then check out Private Gym’s website for more exercise ideas. On their website you will also be able to buy additional magnetic weights.

Private Gym Cock Ring, Showing How Adjustable It Is.

Private Gym Cock Ring, Showing How Adjustable It Is.

The Dvd provided talks you through the steps within the manual, in a power-point style lay-out. You are given the choice between two instructors to use, one male and the other female. Unlike other work-out Dvd’s, you don’t see the instructors themselves and only hear their voice as they talk you through the exercises. I personally would like to see some other visual support within the programs, and wish the voices were so robotic feeling.

Kegel Cock Ring

Cock Ring and Manual.

The cock ring is made from a hypoallergenic, DEHP-free, body safe material. The ring element is made up of two flexible yet sturdy clips which should fit most penis sizes. Built into the main cock ring is a 2.5 ounce weight. Found on top of the weight you’ll find a strong magnet which is used to clip additional weights onto the cock ring. I’d highly recommend clipping additional weights onto the device when it’s not being worn, particularly if you have long pubic hair which can get caught between the strong magnets. To remove the additional weights to the device, I found that due to the magnets being so powerful, that I had to twist as I pulled them apart to separate them from the main system.

The cock ring and weights are easy to clean as they are waterproof and can be washed with warm water and antibacterial wash.


When my partner started his work-out, he found that the first few weeks were a bit of a challenge to get into. This wasn’t due to the difficulty, but more the lack of emphasis, as he started the routine without the weight as stated in the book. The Dvd and work-out manual did help encourage him more than setting his own pelvic floor routine into place, but it wasn’t until he worked up to using the weighted system did he really get into the work-out. Over the first few weeks he did learn more about how his pelvic floor muscles worked, and was able to identify where and when they were being used. Unlike before, where he was working with assumptions and guess work.

I was glad to see that the weighted cock ring stayed on his penis when slipped over his shaft, as I was concerned that the clips would hug the penis too loosely and fall off due to the devices weight. He was able to flex and hold the device and slowly learned how to control his penis’ movement while it was on him. We found that a week was just about right for him to learn how to control his penis’ movements to what was stated in the work-out on dvd and manual. When trying to rush the routine he found that he would either find doing reps harder or made mistakes between doing flexes and holds.

With there being work-out routine videos on the private gym website, my partner was able to work-out without the book and Dvd when away, as the device and weights come with a handy storage case.

After time, he did find that the product helped him improve his pelvic floor and erection control, making him able to last longer as well as have a stronger feeling erection. During intercourse I was able to notice his penis flex more too. He was able to also ease into anal play easier.

We have tried the cock ring during penis to vaginal sex, however it was rather bulky, moved around too much, and wasn’t very beneficial or pleasurable for either of us.


Overall, the Private Gym is a great product for improving men’s sexual wellbeing and overall health. It’s a great little system which helps encourage the participant as well as educates them about working out these highly important muscles. My only qualm is that both I and my partner would like more work done on the Dvd, to make it a bit more encouraging and visual. The cock weight system is brilliant though, and I’m surprised no one had come up with male purpose built kegel device before.



Thank you to Private Gym for sending me this item for my partner and I to review.




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