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 Pride Events Online 2020

This is the year where celebrations and large events have been put on a standstill due to the global pandemic caused by COVID-19. Some of the largest planned events throughout 2020 have been cancelled, including the celebration of Pride Parades that occur throughout June all over the world. June is known as the designated month for celebrating LGBTQ+, festivals and events form an inclusive environment where people of all sexualities and genders can join together to promote social and self acceptance within the world.

The celebration of LGBTQ+ rights have been celebrated yearly since 1969, after the stonewall riots triggered a mass awareness on the limitations and prejudices placed on to those who identify as different sexualities and genders.

Whilst there are many feeling great sadness that there will be no in person Pride events this year, many Pride organizers have banded together to offer a Global Pride celebration. Hosting a large selection of online parties, workshops, music and more. These online events will be streaming nonstop throughout Saturday 27th June 2020. If you’re missing your local Pride community, many of these will be taking part too.

This is probably the biggest event we have ever seen for celebrating the LGBTQ+ communities and many celebrities are offering their support in the forms of live entertainment. Scheduled to appear on your screens to help you get into the pride spirit are artists such as Ava Max, the Dixie Chicks, and Bright Light Bright Light. There are many more planned for the line up and still loads are submitting their ideas for content.

Bringing the celebration of Pride online is one of the biggest steps to allowing people who experience barriers that prevent them from celebrating in person, to finally be able to celebrate with the rest of the community. The carnival parade atmosphere is an amazing environment to be a part of and can lead to deep bonding experiences and lasting memories, however, it isn’t always accessible for those with mobility issues and those who suffer from anxiety within large crowds. Many organisers try their hardest to make things possible for everyone, and even have designated wheelchair routes planned in some town and city parades, but sometimes these are detours from the main celebration, making some feel less involved. Taking Pride celebrations online removes a lot of these limitations and many who have always wanted to get involved finally can.

With using online platforms for celebrating Pride, being all inclusive on a global scale is possible. Those who couldn’t celebrate Pride due to their country or local stigma, can now view the events streaming on their phone. People who have had to keep their affiliation and identity to the LGBTQ+ community will be able to celebrate and view the events without judgement. Being part of events with like minded individuals can help generate confidence and acceptance.

Travel restrictions and work and family schedules can be worked around for online Global Pride, as there are 24 hours of continuous events, so you are able to slip into an event when you can rather than having to plan a whole day out.

Many will of course, will still miss being involved at Pride events in person, but I really am hopeful that when we are able to take to the streets to celebrate again, that Global Pride continues with online streaming alongside the big city events as it helps make the festival more accessible.

As well as Global Pride showcasing a large 24-hour event on the 27th June, other LGBTQ+ positive organisations are hosting online celebrations throughout June too.


Pride for All 4th – 7th of June

This is a series of workshops, activities, and talks that have been put together by Pink News. The events are being hosted over a combination of twitter live, Instagram live and zoom. Pink News is one of the leading online resources on LGBTQ+ news and articles.

Pink News Pride

Unity Pride 19th – 20th of June

Offering a nice mixture of live music, competitions, and discussions. Keep an eye out for their Instagram hashtag #UNITYPRIDE2020 where they will be keeping you up-to-date on the celebrations.

Unity Pride Event

Pride at Home 20th – 28th of June

Run by Attitude magazine, they have lots for you to look forward to over the events celebration days, including a Eurovision quiz that is in association with Netflix. Attitude is another leading magazine and resource for those within the LGBTQ+ community.

Attitude Magazine Event Information 

Global Pride 2020 27th June

24 hours of live streaming and events hosted by celebration and Pride organisations across the world.

Global Pride

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