Pink Frolic lubricant

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Frolic lubricant by Pink is specially designed to be safe for both women and their toys. Some lubricants can upset the natural moistures of the vagina, and others can upset the material of your favourite toy. Pink have developed a lubricant that will be safe for both you and your Bob (battery operated best friend). Frolic also has the added bonus of being a vegetarian lubricant.
The lubricant is packaged within a push top bottle. There is a seal on the top of the bottle reassuring you that it hasn’t been tampered with; the seal can be tricky to remove. Frolic comes in two bottle sizes – 50ml and 100ml. The 50ml is very tiny and rather cute; it’s the perfect size for putting in a handbag or even your pocket. Both bottles have a lid on the push cap, which prevents you from accidently dispensing lube everywhere. As well as the addition of a lid on the dispenser cap, it can also be twisted into a locked position. The bottles are very easy to use and supply you with just the right amount every time. Even though Frolic does have the word lubricant printed on the bottle, I feel it is rather inconspicuous, and can easily be left out on your bedside table. Pink lubricants are also a great lube when you are introducing lubricants to anyone who is a little nervous about using sex toys and lubes.
The lubricant is a medium thickness, water based lube, which isn’t too runny. It doesn’t seem to have a scent to it, but does have a citrus taste. Due to this it might not be the best lubricant when experimenting orally, unless you like the sour taste of pink grapefruit. It does contain grapefruit, which is also meant to act as an antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral. I guess there’s always the added bonus that you can use if you are on the grapefruit diet.
When using the lubricant I first applied a test patch to my leg. The lubricant didn’t cause a reaction and was easily rubbed into my skin. I found that it did leave a slight tacky feeling after it had dried, but this was easily washed away with water. It retained moisture longer than most lubricants. Frolic didn’t have that greasy feeling that some lubricants have. The lubricant is thick, and works well with all forms of toy materials, ranging from hard plastics to soft silicones. I’ve found some toys materials do eat lubricant, and when frolic was applied very little was needed, and it didn’t often need to be reapplied. Frolic gently mixed with my vaginal fluids and didn’t lead to any nasty reactions or upset PH balances. The lubricant can also be used anally, though personally I prefer slightly thicker lubricants. The lubricant’s consistency means it stays where you put it and easily coats the desired area, while still letting you feel the full sensations from your toy. Even though Frolic comes in small bottles, it does last a long time; only a small amount is needed during each use. Also, unlike some lubricants, the pump on the bottle doesn’t allow too much to come out at once. The lubricant can be used with a partner, as well as with toys.
Showing the consistency
Overall, I like the Pink Frolic lubricant. I think it’s a great lubricant for those searching for one that will be safe for their favourite toy, but have become muddled due to there being so many types and choices available. It’s also a great lubricant for those who are prone to upset PH balances and allergic reactions, as Frolic shouldn’t cause any of those to arise. Frolic does exactly what it’s meant to, by offering you a carefree experience while you playfully pleasure yourself.
Thank you to Nice’N’Naughty for sending this lubricant for me to review. 
You can purchase Frolic through Nice’N’Naughty.

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