Pillow Foreplay

The Pillow Foreplay is an inflatable sex pillow where you are able to secure and position a sex toy to it. Offering a hands-free option to play, the pillow allows the user to use toys in various thrusting motions and positions, which are can be harder to achieve through handheld manual stimulation with a sex toy. It also can let the user explore new positions with their partner and offer the opportunity for double penetration. The product may be a desirable option for couples who enjoy watching their partners masturbate (voyeurism). When receiving the product I was particularly interested to find out if it was able to successfully hold different sex toys, from vibrating to dildos, glass to silicone, large, small, and much more. I was also interested to see how comfortable the product was to use.


The Pillow Foreplay is 1 m in length and 50 cm wide. When fully inflated it is over 30 cm high. The pillow is squishier when it isn’t fully inflated, but when it is pumped-up to the max it becomes very firm. There are two adjustable values which make the device very easy to inflate and deflate quickly with or without a pump. The toy holder can hold toys with up to 7 cm diameter. The sex toys can be secured into the device with use of the hand pump, which is even accessible while playing, and with the cover on. The pillow comes with a satin fabric cover. The packaging for the product is a lift flap box, on the top you will find the products logo, and on the underside a large busted woman. The product comes with an instructional pamphlet which is clear and easy to follow (although personally I dislike the use of a jelly sex toy within the demo images).

Sex position device

Pillow without cover on.

When the product first arrived, the first thing I did was inflate it without the cover on. I didn’t want to start toy testing right away as I wanted to see how long it’d stay inflated as some inflatable devices I’ve used generally deflate over a day. The device sat on my sofa for around a week, managing to keep fully inflated. Without the cover on, the Pillow Foreplay looks like something you might find within a Doctor Who episode.

The Pillow Foreplay claims it can hold up to 95% of all sex toys. I personally saw this as a challenge, after reviewing adult products for years I must admit that I have formed a very large sex toy collection, so have a large variation of products to choose from. I gathered-up vibrators, from rabbit to bullets, silicone dildos, glass toys, metal ones, wand vibrators, and many more devices of difference shapes and sizes. I found that while the product could fit many toys, it depended on various variables.

Heavy weighted toys would fit securely when inserted into the pillow only when the device was inflated to the max, and the toy holder was at the tightest. Adjusting the angle wasn’t really possible for these toys due to their weight, once they were in position that was it. However whilst I was pleased the product was able to hold even the heaviest of stone dildos, I found that due to lack of precision and having to straddle the pillow as if it were a saddle on a horse, that most heavy items would lead more to pubic bruising compared to enjoyable stimulation.

Dildo, sex machine, sex position, sex furniture

Pillow with stone toy inserted.

Silicone dildos, many worked well within the product, even when it wasn’t fully inflated. I found that the pillow when slightly deflated, it became less stable during thrusting, and the satin fabric cover slipped around a bit too much for my liking. Silicone dildos with round flared bases wouldn’t fit within the toy holder. So many items including many Tantus dildos aren’t comparably with the Foreplay pillow. With the few that were able to fit into the toy holder chamber I was able to ride the product comfortably, with my hands free to wander and stimulate other erogenous zones. I was even able to get a lo-v-e-r to join in and we were able to perform double penetration in ‘doggy’ style. The Pillow has one downfall when fully inflated, which is more due to my personal preference; I’m unable to grasp the product in my palms as I orgasm – during masturbation and sex my natural instinct is to grab something / someone tightly as I come.

The ‘toy holder’ chamber allows you to insert a bullet vibrator into it alongside your favourite dildo, turning your sex toy into a vibrator.

Butt plugs, whilst the toy can hold these in position, the ‘Toy holder’ swallows most of the stem, taking away the ability to feel that ‘popping’ sensation many desire when using a plug. I also have found that to use the device for anal penetration that the product needs to be inflated fully to make it stable enough for precise anal penetration. Once again the straddling issue comes into play, as the pillow is very high-up when fully inflated. The Pillow Foreplay also will only hold small circular based plugs or T-bar based ones.

Vibrators, I found it fairly ok with standard vibes, yet the product still has some restrictions when using electronic devices. The ‘toy holder’ grips around many vibes control panels. This can mean two things, firstly you are unable to change the vibrators setting during play, and secondly some vibes buttons are more sensitive than others meaning that the compression from the holder can push down on the buttons. Whilst the product works excellently for holding wand vibrators (including the Doxy Die Cast), the pillow acts as an amplifier for the vibrations and the sound making all vibrators a lot louder during use. Wand vibrators sound like an industrial machine when using this product and sadly while they were positioned nicely within the pillow, I was put off orgasming due to the noise.

Small dildos I found wouldn’t fit into the holder securely at all. When used in the device they would wiggle around freely and easily pop out during thrusts and pelvic floor clenches. Extra girthy dildos aren’t an option for this product either.

The product can be used in different positions; however, I prefer to use it in doggy style. It feels a little too wide when lying on my side, and when used in missionary position it does feel a bit too strange shagging a pillow as it rustles a little and the satin slips around.

Some male masturbators, particularly slim tunnel strockers can be used, however larger ones (often ones with vulva detail, or fleshlights) won’t fit into the ‘toy holder’. Personally, my partner found that he was uncomfortable thrusting into the pillow. There is a male version of the Pillow Foreplay which may allow more options for more male sex toys.

Rabbit Vibrator, sex toy, dual stimulator

A rabbit Vibrator used in the toy holder.

Cleaning the pillow is easy, you can simply wash the cover in the washing machine, and if needed wipe down the inflatable insert. The satin is good quality, just make sure to be careful if you have sharp fingernails as the fabric can snag. Due to the two values with in the product, the pillow is very quick to deflate, although when it has its satin cover on it is very discreet.


Overall, it is the ideal size to be used during doggy style as a position support aide and does open-up the option for your partner to double penetrate you easily. However, the product is limited, and whilst I did like how it can hold wand vibrators and other vibes, it was just too loud for me to enjoy. It may be worth considering if you’re looking for a support pillow while having sex with your partner as it is height adjustable (I often will grab a few pillows during doggy to make it more comfortable). Plus if you’re an aficionado of regular sized dildos without flared bases then it may be worth giving a go. But, personally, I feel that the product isn’t able to hold as many types sex toys as I’d wish, for the price.



Thank you to Pillow Foreplay for sending me this product for my review. You can find out more here.



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