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Sex Toy Review for the PicoBong Transformer written by Ness


The PicoBong Transformer is a multipurpose sex toy which allows you to experiment with it in lots of sexually creative ways. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to twist and bend its shaft to fit your needs. Whether you want to use the Transformer for solo play in a rabbit form, or as a cock ring, it can be done. The PicoBong can also be used in couple’s play, from being used as toy incorporated into adding an extra buzz into vaginal and penile penetration, to double penetration between girl-on-girl, guy-on-guy, or even guy-on-girl. The product looks rather intriguing at first, but once you’ve had a little fiddle around with it, you can come up with some rather adventurous uses for it. I think the most interesting aspect of this device to me is the ability to use it with a partner, and I was mostly curious to see how it faired when compared to using a standard double ended sex toy – the market is yet to deliver a good vibrating double ender device which can be used by couples, and I was very hopeful to see if this item in particular was the answer many had been waiting for.


The Transformer is made FDA approved silicone, meaning that it is hypoallergenic and body-safe. Its appearance is somewhat unusual, with two bulbous egg-like ends being linked with a thick flexible silicone cable. Each end has a vibrating motor internally, and the vibrations produced travel through the cord without interruption, even when twisted into various curious shapes. One of the ends has the three-button controls engraved into its silicone and the USB charging port hidden under a resealable silicone cover. AT the opposite end you’ll find the brand name ‘PicoBong’ engraved into the silicone, which annoyingly traps dirt and body fluids during use. At the base of each bulb, there is a pronounced ridge prior to leading onto the silicone cable, which can cause discomfort when using as an insertable. It is rechargeable and has a total of 12 vibration modes, which you can adjust the vibration intensity individually. The vibrations are controlled by the three button interface consisting of ‘-’, ‘+’, and ‘M’. To turn the device on, simply hold down the ‘+’ button for a few seconds. Once turned-on, you can scan through the various continuous, escalating, and patterned modes by pressing the ‘M’ button. To change the vibration modes strength simply use the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons to adjust them to your personal preference. To switch off the sex toy, press and old the ‘-’ for a few seconds. Both ends of the product vibrate, and it’s impossible to control each end individually. The vibrations offered are of a medium intensity and can be felt throughout the entire product. They smoothly travel through the cable, and offer a mixture of rumbly and buzzy sensations. The item comes with a 1 year warranty.

PicoBong Transformer insertable sex toy

PicoBong Transformer.

There are so many ways you can experiment with the PicoBong Transformer, and below you’ll find summaries of a few of the methods I ended-up trying:

As a Cock Ring: The Transformer advertises that it can be used as a cock-ring, however my partner and I found that it wasn’t as successful as we would’ve liked, when compared to purpose built cock rings. The device can be wrapped around a man’s shaft, yet it will only fit loosely and be rather bulky. So if you’re looking for a device to offer erection enhancing properties, you will be better off looking elsewhere. When used as a cock ring, vibrations do travel throughout the shaft of the penis which might be a nice addition to manual masturbation, while allowing the wearer freedom to play with both hands without having to hold the vibrator into place with one hand.

We found that you could twist one end of the Transformer around the penis, and thread the other end back into the anus, for double stimulation. There are a few butt plug cock rings on the market already, however the Transformer is the only device I’ve seen where you can customise the distance from the cock ring part to the anal piece. When using it like this my partner enjoyed the added stimulation to masturbation, however the ridge at the base of the anal inserted bulb would sometimes cause discomfort when being inserted and removed.

Using it as a cock ring during penile to vaginal intercourse sometimes became annoying due to the items being so loose when being wrapped around the penis. We found it successful on the odd occasion, but the time and effort needed in positioning and wrapping the product to your desires, took away the spontaneity and enjoyment of the moment. While on the odd occasion we were able to rest one of the bulbs perfectly between my labia and onto my clitoris, the other bulb would get in the way one way or another.

The PicoBong Transformer.

The PicoBong Transformer Twisted.

As a Vaginal Vibrator: I’d tried a device before which could be twisted and bent to suit your needs when it came to vaginal play, however the PicoBong Transformer offers inbuilt vibrators, rather than having to twist a bullet into the mix like the old device I tried. You’d think that this would have an advantage to a product like this, but actually, I found it caused more problems than I had hoped. When using the Transformer as a G-spot vibrator I found that I wasn’t able to get as much of an angle as I would’ve liked for intense G-spot play due to the vibrating bulbs being so long. Sure I could tilt the vibrating bulbs so they would stroke my G-spot more accurately when compared to some vibrators, but I wasn’t able to position them so I could use them in a come-hither motion. I also found that even when tilted more precisely onto my G-spot, that the flexible cord would bend out of place when using in a more vigorous manner. If slow and steady is your forte when it comes to winning the race on orgasms, then this device might work for you, but if you like it hard and fast you’ll probably be disappointed with the Transformer.

You can insert the cord vaginally rather than vibrating bulbs and the vibrations should still pretty strong still. This option also makes certain that you have access to the controls, as while the above option only needs one end inserted, you can guarantee that in a rush you’ll pop the one with the control panel into your body when aiming for a quick masturbation session. Using the cord bent inside the vagina can offer a better come-hitter motion, than when using either of the bulbs. However, you will need to keep a tight grip onto the bulbs making sure the cord stays together; otherwise the cord will start widening apart, almost acting like a medical speculum. Some people may actually like the ability to widen the vaginal opening with the Transformer, whether it’s for a much more comfortable way to partake in medical play, or to make it easier to give oral sex to a partner (particularly that tongue lapping motion directly onto the G-spot), but personally I found it an off putting pain when trying to enjoy solo masturbation.

As a Rabbit Vibrator: You can use one bulb internal vaginally and position the other onto the clitoris, offering similar stimulation to rabbit shaped vibrators. However, when thrusting the product, the device can lose its desired shape which can be off putting. If you’re someone who prefers to let your rabbits sit there and do all the work for you, then the Transformer may work for you, but once again I personally enjoy to; thrust, twist, and move my sex toys in self pleasure sessions.

The Transformer may be the answer to yours prays when it comes to rabbits though, as you can adjust it so one end sits nicely on your clitoris. So many rabbit vibrators are limited to having the clitoral stimulator positioned X distance away from the shaft, meaning that most rabbits are not a one-size-fits-all toy.

PicoBong Transformer Sex Toy

PicoBong Transformer Bent.

Double Penetration (Vaginal and anal simultaneous stimulation): If you’re looking for a chance to experience penetrative vibrations both anally and vaginally at the same time, then the Transformer works pretty well at offering pleasurable stimulation within double penetration situations. Once I had warmed-up and lubricated my orifices, I popped one bulb in anally and the other vaginally (I’d recommend using the end with the controls in the vagina for easier access). The cord is able to act as a handle; you’re able to produce a thrusting motion which can be felt in both the vagina and rectum. While I found this very stimulating, it wasn’t able to lead me to climax. I feel that for orgasm to be achieved this way that the vibrations would have to be stronger, and that the vaginal proportion would have to be larger – although this is my personal preference and I understand that the vibrations and size of the Transformer would suit some.

Double Penetration in Couples Play: Whether you and your partner want to experiment with double penetration vaginally / vaginally, anally /vaginally, or anal / anal, the transformer can be used in all these ways.

When using the device with another woman, we actually enjoyed being able to use a vibrating silicone end vaginally each. While I personally am still dreaming of the ultimate double-ender to use with another woman, this has given us another option to enjoy, as there are very few body safe material devices out there which can be used between two women. Sadly we weren’t able to reach orgasm together, but we were able to enjoy the vibrations, whilst being in various positions together.

When using with a male partner, I was able to insert one end into their anus, and the other into my vagina. Again, it didn’t lead to either of us reaching climax, but it did result in an enjoyable time where we were able to both able to experience the vibrations together in such an intimate way.

The Transformer may be an interesting option for those who are also looking for a device to penetrate their partner whilst in a chastity cage, due to being able to insert one end anally, and threading it through their legs, so it becomes an accessible vibrator for their partner to ride.

When using the device between two people anally, the Transformer has less movement to other thrusting sensations, and the bulbs sit inside each user’s body more like butt plugs rather than a dildo / vibrator.


To clean the Transformer, wash the sex toy in warm water and antibacterial soap. The item is waterproof which makes it easier to clean, however the engraved logo and rims of the bulb ends will need extra attention during washing.

Overall, the Transformer is an interesting toy and has so many possibilities. For me, the item worked better in some ways than others, however I feel this would differ between other individual / couples experiences, depending on how they used the product and their personal preferences. If you’re looking for a device which can bring new options to couples play, then it’s ones to consider. While it can be used for solo play, I feel it isn’t a toy for those who enjoy thrusting / rocking with their toys to add stimulation alongside the products shape and vibrations.



Thank you to PicoBong for sending me this item for my review.
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