PicoBong Moka

The Moka is a G-spot vibrator which is meant to be contoured perfectly to accommodate most women’s G-spot. The combination of its quiet motors and lush silicone outer shell make the Moka more luxurious than most vibrators available, yet also highly affordable compared with more expensive toys, such as those from its sister brand LELO. Like all PicoBong toys the Moka is also available in a selection of youthful colours, making it appear aesthetically modern. Those who are already familiar with the brand LELO may have spotted some similarities between the PicoBong Moka and the LELO GiGi and Ella. I’ll look a little closer at some of the similarities and differences later on in this review.
PicoBong Moka
The Moka arrives in a box with a funky rhythmic ripple pattern printed on its surface. At the front of the box there is a plastic window revealing the toy inside. On the back of the box is a small amount of product information, and an instructional diagram pin-pointing the Moka’s key features. Inside the box the Moka is slotted into a cardboard stand which also contains the instructions, warranty, and a PicoBong phone-style charm, which can be looped onto the base of the toy if desired.
The Moka is a curved vibrator with a flat tip, offering a wide surface area for stimulation aimed at G-spot massaging. It is coated in a velvety smooth silicone which is luxurious to touch. The toy is rigid, offering no flexibility. At the base of the toy there is a textured battery cap, providing an easy to grasp surface for use as a handle. The toy is approximately 8 inches in length with 6.25 inches of insertable shaft, although the controls are situated towards the bottom of the shaft. This means that you only really have 5 inches of insertable shaft if you wish to change the vibrations during penetration. The 3 control buttons are located on one side of the shaft: a +/on button, an ‘M’ mode button, and a -/off button. Found on the opposite side is the brand logo engraved into the silicone. The toy has a maximum of 4.5 inches circumference around its tip. As the toy’s body curves, the shaft wanes slightly before gradually expanding again nearer its base. The toy is very ergonomic, not only in how it is designed to fit comfortably vaginally, but also how the base of the toy is perfect for resting in the palm of a hand.
The Moka features 12 vibration modes which can all be adjusted to the desired intensity. The Moka only has one motor, which is situated at the tip of the toy and powered by two AAA batteries. The vibrations are relatively strong for an AAA battery powered toy and can be felt throughout the whole shaft. The vibrator is virtually silent when compared to most other battery powered toys. The toy is also waterproof, and makes a very reliable submariner. To use the toy, press the plus button and scan to the desired vibration intensity. To select a different mode press the ‘M’ button. Once you have selected the desired mode, you can simply increase or decrease the vibration strength by pressing the plus or minus buttons. To turn the toy off, hold down the minus button.
Comparing the Moka’s size and functions with the LELO Ella and Gigi:
Insertable length
8 inches
6.25 inches
4.5 inches
Makes a slight noticeable buzzing.
Relatively strong – stronger due to the rattling of the batteries.
6.5 inches
3.75 inches
4 inches
Almost completely silent.
Almost as strong as the Moka.
7.5 inches
4 inches
N/ A
N/ A
The Moka is the perfect combination of size, shape and functionality, with the essence of the GiGi and Ella combined. In the past my main qualm with the GiGi was the lack of insertable shaft. The Moka is closer to the size and shape of the Ella, which is almost perfect; in fact it improves upon the Ella by offering a slightly larger G-spot tip and a more comfortable curve, for easier insertion and retrieval. The main thing I dislike about the Moka is the location of the controls, as these can become obstructed during use. I much prefer the control interface on the GiGi. Although the shape of the Moka seems better suited for my body, I do miss the flexibility of the Ella just below its G-spot tip, as this can help produce the perfect rhythm I desire when aiming for a strong G-spot orgasm. I also still favour the Ella over the Moka just because both ends of the Ella can be used functionally. The Ella also has a bit more weight to it when compared with the Moka and GiGi, which I tend to find helps when reaching climax. The Moka and GiGi are powered by the same model motor, but in use the Moka feels slightly more powerful; I believe this is due to the added movement of the batteries in the Moka. I think the Moka definitely triumphs over the GiGi due to its size and shape being better, but that’s not all; I also like how the Moka is waterproof, whereas the GiGi isn’t. I guess the only down side with the Moka is that it is battery powered, but it seems to provide a promisingly long battery life.
While using the Moka I found I required very little additional lubrication prior to insertion, thanks to its well contoured body and the smoothness of the silicone. The toy simply glided its way into my vagina, and gently caressed my vaginal walls as it found its way towards my G-spot. I was able to use the Moka in a rocking motion to produce a very satisfying G-spot orgasm. When using the vibrations I found these aided a quicker climax; however my coordination felt off, not only because of where the controls are located, but also because my thumb would instinctively tap the minus button when wishing to up the voltage, and vice versa. I think I would like the Moka to have an additional motor towards the base of the toy, as during insertion a lot of the vibrations felt as if they had become lost. When removing the Moka from my vagina I was surprised how comfortably it slipped out. In the past I’ve had similar shaped toys cause mild discomfort upon removal. 
The Moka works as a good all over body massager due to its rigid body and flat tip, which is perfect for working out tight muscular knots.
Cleaning the Moka is very simple due to its durable construction and waterproofness, although you may need to pay a little extra attention when cleaning around the engraved logo.
Overall, I really like the Moka as a G-spot vibrator. Its shape is almost perfect, but I just wish its controls were better positioned. Although the vibrator’s strength is relatively powerful, due to the size of the toy I feel it would’ve benefited from an additional motor to stimulate the vaginal entrance. If you loved the Ella but felt that the GiGi was somewhat lacking in size and stimulating surface area, then I’d definitely recommend trying the Moka. If you haven’t tried either of these Lelo G-spot toys, or even any G-spot toy full stop, then try giving the Moka a go, as I’m certain you will enjoy satisfyingly good results.

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