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PicoBong is a new and exciting range of sex toys which are designed to be luxurious and affordable. They are made by the people who manufacture LELO products, but unlike LELO’s standard products, PicoBong are battery powered rather than rechargeable, and are designed to appeal to the younger generation of sex toy fanatics, or those who are into sport style brands.
Alice from Lovehoney kindly sent me the Honi to review, which can be used as either a clitoral vibrator or a vibrating egg. In the past I’ve found some vibrating eggs to be uncomfortable to wear, so I really wanted to see how the slim design of the Honi would compare. Unlike most vibrating eggs the Honi doesn’t have a separate control, but this really didn’t seem to bother me too much, as the ones with separate controls can have some problems.

“Sometimes the smallest things can give the most joy – but don’t be fooled by Honi’s petite frame, because she packs a wallop and offers you a world of pleasure on a string” – quoted from the packaging.

The Honi arrives in a pink box with glossed images of PicoBong toys scattered on its surface. The front of the box has a clear plastic window, allowing you to see the Honi and a dice slotted into a cardboard insert. On the front there are five easy to understand images stating that the product is waterproof, near silent, has twelve modes, takes a AAA battery, and is body safe – after testing the Honi I can confirm that these statements are very accurate. Inside the packaging you will find the Honi, a dice with PicoBong toys printed on it, a one year warranty, and a simple yet easy to understand user manual. I don’t really understand why they have included the dice, other than as a marketing gimmick, but I guess if you have more than one of the PicoBong toys you can use it to select which one to play with. (My partner pointed out that once you have all six toys, assuming they all come with the dice, you could play Yahtzee- Sex toys edition.)
The Honi next to a standard egg vibe.
The toy is 3.5 inches in length and girth, it has a gently tapered tip, and unlike other more rounded eggs, the Honi is slender and offers slightly more surface area due to its length, meaning that if you use it as an insertable egg you should experience more pleasure from the vibrations against your vaginal walls. At the base of the toy is a looped cord which is two inches in length; this feels better quality than other cords on similar devices. The toy is in two parts; the main part of the toy is made from smooth silicone that feels velvety to the touch, and the brand name has been etched into the silicone, making the toy seem more luxurious. The control buttons have been cleverly placed amongst the brand name – in the ‘P’ you will find the ‘-’ button and within the ‘B’ is the ‘+’ button. At the bottom of the toy you will find the battery compartment cap, and cord. This leaves about 1 mm gap between the plastic cap and the silicone; I feel this is the only problem with the toy. The Honi doesn’t arrive with any batteries, but you only need one AAA battery to power it. Unscrew the cap and place the battery inside. You will see a piece of thin metal sticking up, which is the connector. I’m a little worried about catching this, so be careful when replacing the batteries. When screwing the cap back on the toy will buzz briefly, letting you know it and the battery are working.
Showing the thin metal connector in the battery compartment.
To turn the Honi on hold down the ‘+’ button for a few seconds. There are 18 vibration speeds that slowly get stronger. To activate the pulsation and escalation modes, hold down the ‘+’ button for around 5 seconds. The toy has 12 vibration modes, so it can take some time figuring out which ones you like the best. Changing back to the continuous vibration, all you need to do is hold down the ‘-’ button for a few seconds, and to turn the toy completely off hold it down for about 5-8 seconds. All the vibrations range from mild to moderate strength. The Honi isn’t really that powerful compared to some bullets, but it’s still strong enough. I found that all the vibrations are near silent like the packaging suggested, meaning the PicoBong toys would be great for anyone living in shared accommodation.
When using the Honi as a clitoral stimulator I found that a little additional lubricant was needed, as the silicone seems to eat up any moisture. I found holding the Honi very easy, and liked how I was able to loop my finger through the cord to gain a little extra control. The buttons were fairly easy to use, apart from when changing from the single speed vibrations to the modes, as I found I would have to stop during masturbation to hold down the button. The buttons are a bit tougher to use compared to some controls, meaning that you are less likely to activate the wrong setting. Even though the Honi was enjoyable when being used as a clitoral vibrator, and I liked the interesting vibration modes, it just wasn’t strong enough to cause me to have a powerful or fast orgasm. It still brought me to climax but it took a bit longer than I would’ve liked.
When I used the Honi inserted into the vagina like a vibrating egg, it worked best. Before inserting the Honi you will need to select which vibrating mode you would prefer. Also remember that you are unable to remotely turn off or change the Honi’s settings, unlike most eggs, so be prepared. The Honi was a lot easier to insert compared to some eggs I’ve used, though due to the nature of the silicone I did need additional lubrication. The Honi’s tapered tip slid gently into my vagina. I did experience a small amount of discomfort when the gap between the battery cap and main shaft caught my vaginal opening, but once fully inserted the discomfort ceased. The Honi rested in my vagina comfortably and didn’t cause any problems while moving about. In the past I’ve found some eggs would feel too uncomfortable, due to their shape making movement unpleasant. I was pleased to also find that the cord didn’t cause me any discomfort. When fully inserted the Honi is silent, but the vibrations are very noticeable and feel a lot stronger than they did when the toy was being used for clitoral orgasm. The Honi’s vibrations did cause me to have an orgasm eventually by sending ripples throughout my body. I really do like the Honi when used as an insertable love egg, and even without a separate controller it was still easy to use.
When cleaning the Honi I found that the gap between the battery cap and silicone body, as well as the etched brand name, would catch some dirt. The Honi is waterproof, but I still had to unscrew the battery cap, to clean with a cloth where the gap had trapped dirt.
Overall, I like the Honi. It’s a great little silicone vibrator, that seems similar in quality to the more expensive sex toys on the market. Even though it didn’t work too well for me as a clitoral stimulator, it’s a great option for those who enjoy weaker vibrations clitorally. When used as an insertable egg this toy really does triumph over other similarly designed toys, and would be great for those looking for a little hands free stimulation.
You can purchase the PicoBong Honi from Lovehoney.

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