Personal Post: Teasing sub fail

There’s some moments in any form of a relationship where things go wrong, but they are so random and funny, that all you can do is laugh. Let’s first get this straight, a sub and Dom agreement, is a form of a relationship. It’s not the standard monogamous relationship you often get, but there still has to be something which clicks you together, for it to actually work. Whether that’s because a sub needs someone to command them, punish them, or even the Dom need this form of connection and outlet too, it is a relationship.

Yesterday, I took my sub to the sexual health clinic. Just like taking pets to the vets, I as a Mistress, have a responsibility to make sure my subs and slaves stay safe. This trip required a lot of buses and trains, due to my broken leg, and annoyingly my main sub cannot drive (I’m going to change that, and get him to start learning at some point).

I have many effective methods in teasing this sub, and one of them is where I hover my lips close to his, and he then tries to kiss me. The rules to this game, is that in reality, he is not allowed to kiss me. Only very lucky subs are allowed to place their lips onto my body, and often, I stick to them only pecking my hand.


We were travelling on a bus, and to amuse myself, I decide to play this game with him. My lips drawing closer to his, his breathing rising from the excitement and anticipation. The other passangers glaring our way, wondering about what was going to happen next. His lips push closer to mine, and I say no and glare at him. When he becomes too close I pull his hair and move him further away from my body again. When my hand releases him, he tries again, in hope to steal one small kiss.

The bus is jolting along and just like most forms of public transport, the suspension isn’t great. As it bonuses on the  road at high speed I can feel the vibrations travel through me, and arouse my sex – I really wish I had taken a set of Ben Wa balls with me, however I am unsure what the clinic would’ve thought if I had popped them out before hopping onto the bed for my sexual health exam. Faster and fest the bus went, and the game was still in motion, he was getting desperate to kiss me, as he sat next to me. Then suddenly, the bus hits a pot hole, and I am thrusted right into his face, kissing him.
I couldn’t believe it, although it was so funny, I just giggled and laughed so much. Of course I told my sub off for it, although he did try and justify it, by saying he couldn’t help that the bus forced me into him. But as he should know by now, it doesn’t always matter if it’s something he can’t help, he can still be wrong.

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