Personal Post: Sex toy reviewing

Over the past few months you may have noticed less and less reviews. I’ve been trying to expand my blog a bit more and still keep up regular posts. I’ve introduced things like Toy with me Tuesday, Sex toy Smut, and the odd interview with an external sex toy reviewer. At the same time my real life has become very busy, and while I wanted to keep up with all the blog posts, I haven’t been able to. This is partly because the process I go through with each sex toy review is getting longer and longer, and you may have noticed that some of my reviews have become bigger. I aim to try and include as much information as possible in my reviews, and although I have written smaller reviews, and even smaller versions of the same review under a few different reviewer names. These longer reviews are the ones I most enjoy writing and I don’t plan to change my style for this blog. If anything, in the future, I wish to have a summary for each review, as well as still providing you all with all the information you may need / want :-).

I’m getting more involved with the behind the scenes in the sex toy world as well as sex education. A lot of this is me travelling and meeting with companies, attending course, home study, as well as extra study.

I also have a few other projects – some of these are pretty big. I’ve spent the good part of this year going round in circles, trying to figure out what to do. Trying to do things for other people more, rather than myself too. At first it wasn’t too bad, I really enjoy helping people achieve their goals, but I neglected myself. I’m now hoping to focus on doing things for myself. 

For this to happen, reviews will become less and less. I will still be taking on some new review items, but only a few. I have some items I need either write reviews for, proof read, or even just take photos. So for the time being I should still be able to keep you all informed about what toys are awesome, and what toys are a bit meh. 

All my projects are still about sex, sex toys, and relationships. I’m hoping to get some of them finished within the next 6 months.

I still aim to post Toy with me Tuesday once a week, although, I will be doing the round-up once a month rather than every 2 weeks. If possible, I would like your input more when I’m writing the round-ups, even just commenting on the weekly link list about which photos you thought were awesome would be cool – I will keep these posts anonymous and hidden, although if you make a super cool comment, you may get quoted in the round-up and linked back to!

But yeah, rather than getting stressed trying to work out what to do and doing things for everyone else, I’m gonna chill and try it my way. Although, I’ll actually be working harder than I have ever done before.

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