Personal Post: Naughty Pink sub

Heck I’ve been busy. Having a full time sub is a lot of work, particularly when he can be oh-so-bad. The pink sub was very bad this week. I had banned him from smoking and had took a=way his cigarettes for a few days, he handed them over, and had no way of easily getting fags. However this didn’t stop him. For days and days I had met him prior to work and just as he finished, just to torment him as I myself, smoked in front of him. If he was good I would allow him to breath in my passive smoke. Passive smoke from a Mistress is a very special thing, he gets to enjoy something which has passed between my lips and settle deep inside my body, before I then proceed to breathe it out in his direction. In essence he was able to consume a part of me.

This is a form of torture and reward, and really it should’ve been enough for him, but no. I had a very busy day and had been rushing around and decided to leave early to meet him after work as I needed a truck load of red bull. As I headed to Morrisions I was in a rather positive mood, and actually got excited when I saw that he had finished work early. My mind instantly thought ‘Yes, my sub has finished early, this means I can torment him soon, and go home and enjoy my evening early.’ But as I approached him, I noticed one big problem; he had just picked up a half smoked cigarette from the ash tray. Now I was fuming, and as he saw me, he could tell.

One glare in his direction and he threw the fag to the ground and gave me a look as if he was about to kill me. I delighted in this muchly, the power that I held over him, but also the look he sent my way made me even angrier. To hold back my temper I decided the best punishment would be to ignore him. He followed me around the shops as I proceeded not to look at him and even chat with him. Following me around with anger and frustration and in desperation for a fag, I finished my shop, and once I left the store I lit up a smoke. He followed me more, begging was within his eyes, and he followed my hand as it gripped around the cigarette and its tip pursed my plush lips.

Walking around him and not looking at him as I puffed away was hell for him. He tried to speak with me and I ignored him. He was about to crack.

Then suddenly I spoke. ‘You have been such a little shit you know.’ He replied and said ‘Yes I know my lady, I am sorry.’

I sent him a sharp and fierce stare and said to him ‘I don’t think that’s good enough, I can’t be bothered with this.’ and just stormed off leaving him at the train station. I’m certain I could him whale as I trooped away. Upon my return home he had sent me a message, informing me that I had broken him.

He still returned to me and obeyed me more and more for the next few days.


I was a kind Mistress and got him a reward. I have confiscated his play knife and because I knew how much he missed it, I got him a new one….. a pink plastic sword ^_^.

Additional reward was I took him shopping, and into my hell, Primark. Where my focus was in buying pink lingerie, as it is his favourite colour (no it so isn’t, it makes him cry bless).


Another reward was that I took him to the pub where I allowed to masturbate me as I sat on a stool in a very open area. What a lucky sub, being allowed to wank off his Mistress.

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