Personal Post: My very bad sub

I have a very bad submissive, he broke one of the main rules which is needed to maintain any relationship: Honesty. Not only did he lie to me, he also broke one of the punishments I set aside for him: No Spanking and hitting. This stretches to the extreme where he can’t be spanked, spank anyone, high five anyone, hit walls and items, be hit by walls and items, and even hit things within computer games from fighting to breaking creates.

He broke the no hitting rule via playing a computer game which involves hitting. What is worse is that when I requested him to tell me whether or not he plays any games where he is required to hit anything, he lied and said no. This is a computer game in which he plays regularly, taking a break from it results in his game play experience to be reduced, or something. However I was extremely angry that he, my main sub, lied.


I have enforced a set of new punishments. First off I am banning him from playing at the next big local fetish event around Halloween, he is only to serve, and nothing else. Next I have refused him the right to have his own sub or slave until Christmas and that even still depends on whether or not he is good. I feel that he is so willing to break my rules and even lie to me, that he himself isn’t capable of taking on a sub yet. Dom / sub relationships involve a lot of trust, and this he must learn.


The final punishment I have put into place is to refuse him to have cigarettes until the end of Saturday. I have been even crueler and not only taken away his supply of fags, but also have been chain smoking in front of him. It’s only been 12 hours since he had his last one and he is already getting annoyed and frustrated. It amuses me a lot that I am also breaking many of my own hard limits during this. Like conquering my phobia of walking near cliff tops. However as I show him how I can manage this, I also proceed to smoke a cigarette in front of him.


I don’t normally smoke, but this is working as an excellent punishment, for such an extreme thing he did to me.


Honesty is highly important. More so within this Dom / sub relationship, as he is my main sub, who I allow to attend things with me, visit my home and more. I own him, and when we made this arrangement he was very aware and clear about this, and has offered to be in my service until when / if I feel like dismissing him. If he lies again, I may even do this.

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