Personal Post – Busy, busy, busy.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a personal post, but due to finally getting on top of things after months of struggling, I finally feel ready to share a few things which have been going on in my life. Blogging had basically led me to experience burnout, and keeping up with everything has been hard, but I’ve been trying to keep myself busy with various sex toy related things.
Earlier this year, I started meeting with sex toy manufactures and companies, to help on various projects. This lead to the amazing opportunity of attending Lovehoney’s 10th Birthday party – which was amazing, and it was lovely to meet everyone I have been chatting with and working with on reviews over the past few years. I was lucky enough to meet people from nJoy and Je Joue too. The day after I was shown around the Lovehoney warehouse by Bonny, she even let me see the Coco de Mer stock room. It was lovely to see where a lot of my toys came from, the filming studio and Matt’s desk with his dildo fist business card holder. Later that day I travelled to Birmingham in preparation for the ETO trade show. I settled into my hotel room, and that evening I headed down to the bar where I sat nervously, until I was invited over to a table by the wonderful and cheerful Matt the creator of Tease the board game. We chatted away a bit, and then I mustered up the courage to head over to other tables to introduce myself. I found my way to a table consisting of the ETO team and Kat from Planet Earth. Everyone on the table was very fun to chat with, and I soon relaxed, before heading back to my room with a glass of wine.
The next day for the ETO show where I met with Uber Kinkyand chatted for a good hour. I then made my way around most of the stalls introducing myself and looking at various new and exciting sex toys. Around lunchtime I met with Donna from Vibrator Kingdom and Nigel from Give Lube, we sat down and had a little chat over some wine and beer. Sadly I had to rush off around 2pm, otherwise I would’ve had trouble getting home, but next year I plan to attend the whole show.
My involvement in the sex toy industry gradually got busier and busier. Sadly a few things in my life also got difficult to handle and I was sent for various tests. One of the tests was to check my fertility levels, the result which came back showed that I have an extremely low fertility, and I found out that my FSH level, progesterone levels, and several other hormones where seriously out of whack. Since the first set of tests I’ve also used a FSH home testing kit – which I got from stress no more – the results on the home test matched-up with my blood test results. I’ve gone for more tests since then, and actually still going for tests. It took me a good few months to mentally come to terms with things. Depression hit me, and I actually took up drinking as a way of coping. I got involved with a few lovers I should have avoided. My relationship suffered, and even my reviews suffered.
I started to focus on a few projects. I hosted a Fifty Shades of Grey book party, including win and free sex toys and vouchers provided from the following companies: Passion8, Vibrator Kingdom, Nice’n’Naughty, and K DGrace. Due to its success I decided to try and set-up an erotic book club locally. So far, although I have a lot of women interested, I haven’t been able to find a venue. I’ve had a few places say yes, but then suddenly change their minds. I’m still hoping to set-up my book club, and home to encourage others to help set-up a network of clubs in the local area.
After the success of Toy with me Tuesday, this helped me form new contacts, such as Emily Dubberley, who I invited to the Hysteria MoviePress showing with me. Before the movie I had a fun day working my way through various sex shops in Soho London, and met a few buyers and sellers of stores, who were happy to chat with me. I then met with Emily for cocktails before the movie. We managed to get to the movie, watched it and enjoyed it. You can read my review here. After the movie she introduced me to some of the Ann Summers team who had also attended. We headed to a bar and had cocktails together, and I mostly observed the conversation as they chatted about sex, gender, and erotica – it was very cool and my kind of conversation.
The next day I returned to London and made my way to Coco De Mer for the press release of The Diary of a Submissive. You can read about it here.
The following weeks I travelled back to London to chat with various companies, from manufacturers, wholesalers, reviewers, and retailers. I’ve met some amazing people, but it’s all been rather busy.
I can’t really reveal too much right now, but I can say that my life if just going to get busier and busier. I’ve known since I was 15 I wanted to work in the sex industry helping people. My original plan was to become a sex therapist, and I even started a degree aiming towards this goal. I took some time out of my degree, but am now starting it again, this time my aim is to work mostly with sex toys. I’m also doing various other courses related to sex and sex education.
Over the next few months I will be writing for various online magazines such as Erotica Trade UK; offering sex toy advice. I also have lots of other writing projects too. If you weren’t aware, I’m planning to talk about sex toys at Eroticon 2013. I’m also planning to help host a few workshops around the UK about how to use sex toys, as well as how to write reviews on sex toys.
A note about my lovers. I’ve now settled on 5 lovers who actually care for me and lookout for me. A few of them are also good friends so it’s nice having that connection as I am poly and my relationships are more than sex. My relationship with my partner is slowly getting better too, but it’s difficult as his health is very poor right now, so he’s rather depressed – but we are getting their slowly.
I’m starting to relax and write more… heck, I’m writing this post in a tidy office!
I hope you don’t mind my rambling. I must apologies about any grammar and spelling mistakes, I haven’t had any coffee yet.

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