Personal post: Broken Leg, lov-e-r-s, and subbie

Early afternoon I was in the graveyard with my main sub, teasing him about tying me to the railing (which he should never even dare do, but at least he may fantasize), and using him as my little fuck toy. The curse of a Nymphomaniac, at times you just need to use something, or someone, and my sub is covered by both – he is something I own and someone I can fuck.

If I command him to go down on me in a graveyard, he will, and does. If I tempt him with an offering of my lips to kiss, he will chase them hypnotically, and I will maintain him within this trace via my refusal of allowing him to even delicately peck my soft pink flesh.

His eyes twinkle as I tease and play with him. He wants me to be his, although I am not, I am only a Mistress who owns him. While I may not be his in an ownership sense, he is mine, and that is clear within the relationship and makes his frustration show within his dilated pupils.

Teasing, teasing of tying, tempting him to break the rules so I could push his limits harder and harder, had to subside for him to make his way to work. He was late, but didn’t care too much due to all the fun he had. As we walked out of the graveyard, I had a strong temptation to return there. We said our farewells and I stepped back through the gate turning my back to my sub.

During my return to the stoned mazes of tombs, I happened to slip, resulting in me falling into a woman who also happened to be visiting the grounds. As I fell my ankle twisted, and my body landed onto hers. She instantly turned around and pushed me harshly back, saying ‘Oi Bitch, don’t fucking hit me.’ This resulted in me falling into a half open grave and injuring myself further. I crawled out of the grave using the waist high tombstone to support myself. The whole area became this frightful place around me, removing the pleasures I had experience prior to this unlucky encounter. Cradling the cool concrete the woman and a few men started shouting at me for staring at her, calling me a dirty slag and more, and saying how weird I was for not moving. My body was in a slight shock, and I cautiously thumbled for my phone, and stared at it. The others in the graveyard shouted more and more towards me and asked me what I was doing. Without thinking I replied ‘I’ve just rang the cops and an ambulance.’ The woman replied ‘Why did you do that you little cow, you slapper. Shit she’s rang the cops.’ Motioning to her friends they run out of the graveyard. A woman and a man older than myself. A man stayed in the area and walked to me and asked me whether or not I was ok and I honestly replied that I wasn’t. He apologized for the others and helped me hop out of the graveyard.

I rang a lov-e-r to come get me as my sub was busy working, yet so close to where I was. Teh lov-e-r arrived quickly in a leather coat and New Rock boots, and helped me get up. I tried and tried to walk, but every step rattled through my leg and I screamed and yelped and eventually fell to the floor. I was sitting right outside the place where my sub worked, and asked teh lov-e-r to go fetch him, he refused. Two other men arrived at the scene and fetched blankets and made sure I sat still, they rang the ambulance for me, and we waited. They said I was going into shock, they were probably right, but all I could think about was getting my sub there and now to help too. An hour past and I had enough, I kept making requests and these men while considerate none of them, not even my lov-e-r went to request my sub to help. I had had enough, being forced to sit for so long, and more. So I got up and walked and crawled to the store. Screaming, the men try and sit me down, and time after time I echoed the request for them to get my sub, however due to my lov-e-r being there they felt there wasn’t a need for him too. I tried to explain that I am a Dom plus that I am also poly, but it didn’t work. I kept walking and then one of the men said to my lov-e-r ‘You should control your woman you know.’ This motivated me further and further to walk away and as I did my lov-e-r said ‘Well good luck on that, I’ve tried to do that for years with no luck.’ This felt so true and right, but still he allowed me to walk in pain for so far, when all he had to do was to go and request my sub to come to me. Maybe it’s the feminist me coming out here, but I felt so trapped, and that these guys felt that my ‘MAN’ should be controlling me, and that having other relationships was wrong.

The ambulance arrived just before I got to my subs works door, and I ended up going in it. It waited at the road side and said if there was anyone I wanted to come with me, my reply was ‘Go into that store and ask for Sub Name.’ They refused, and asked about the guy in the leather jacket, and I said yes that’s one of my partners They asked him and he refused and shouted and pointed to the store angrily ‘No because she’s having a fucking affair with that guy in there.’ He was aware that I was poly and that I had started taking on subs… heck he was even aware of me escorting, but he still said those words, when really I needed him to be there right now.

Apparently Poly and sub / Dom relationships are something one shouldn’t talk about in an ambulance. It seems to lead to them to think that you are mentally insane. I tried to explain logically about these types of relationships but heck I can only do so much when I’m in so much pain. They informed me that the good thing was that I hadn’t broken it due to me walking on it, however I did explain to them that I am stubborn, plus will push past my pain fresh hold emotionally and physically when needed. Ok maybe a little crazy, but heck I am stubborn. We drove to the hospital and I had a few x-rays, and they concluded I only had a sprained ankle. So once my check-up was finished I hobbled into a taxi and then home. Walking was hard. The doctor who had seen me insisted I walked on it, but the pain was too much, and at times I could feel it crack and vibrate as I stepped. I informed my sub to come to me, and he did, and helped me into bed after I had downed the best part of a bottle of wine as the pain was so great.

The day ends, and the next day hopping around interferes with everything I desired to do. My main sub arrives early evening and he grabs some shopping and take-out for me, I try and be strong, but oh fuck the pain is killing and on another note I hadn’t been able to walk to make food or drinks all day. I end up sitting down and teasing my sub loads. His calendar I put together for him stated needle play, I’m always up for performing needle play and I wasn’t going to let my foot interfere. My sub fears needles and holes being put into him, but as I am a sadist, I find the action relaxing. I slide two medical needles into a pre-cleaned area and get him to look at them. His frustration levels rocketed and to calm him I demanded him to kiss me. Snogging the hell out of him took my pain away, but also made him forget about the needles and pain he was receiving, however as a wicked Mistress I reminded him about the needles every so often. Heck as a wicked Mistress I demanded him to strip prior to play and prepped his cock ready as if I was going to perform needle play on that area, although I was kind and avoided it, the thought of it gave a satisfying reaction.

We had an arrangement set, where he was banned from orgasms and spanking and hitting for two weeks, and this ban would be lifted at midnight. I had informed him that I would be the one to perform his first spanking and give him his first orgasm. My foot required rest and so we retired for the evening and I conveniently awoke early morning, trying to pin him down and fuck him to death but alas my foot prevented me from doing so. I arouse and rise him up, and he takes me and shags me with my permission. My mind slowly forgets my foot and the pain I was feeling as I slowly climax. Orgasms seem to be taking longer than they should, but once induced, my body felt in a momentary bliss.

Attempting to shag again I wear myself out. The first thing I require after a bit of fucking is tea, so this is something my sub must perform, no matter how tired he is.

Part one of the arrangement is complete, and my sub immensely enjoyed fucking his Mistress and being allowed to come. After resting more, we move to another room where I sit down and he is meant to fetch me coffee and breakfast. As the coffee brews a brand knew schooling whip pop through the door. Instantly he is requested to drop his trousers as I whip away in a sitting position. My whips are surprisingly controlled and as I hit harder and harder he screams out sighs of pleasure and pain. His face says it all, his smile, from the attention I am paying him. He is in heaven, spanking heaven – my sub does enjoy his spankings totally.

Throughout the day I tease him more and more as he does a few chores for me. Then suddenly I receive a cool from the hospital… apparently my ankle is broken and not sprained and that they should’ve told me to walk on it – mega fail.

Anyway that how I got my broken leg and I’m still trying to play… apparently I’m bad, but heck, no one can tell me to stop.

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