Personal Post: Ana Steele’s Lip Biting

In Fifty Shades trilogy, the main character Ana Steele is constantly biting her lip. Now as a fellow lip biting I have to state my concerns for Miss Steele’s bad habit particularly after having surgery last week as a result of when lip biting goes wrong.


I bite my lip out of nervousness, just like Ana, however one day my lip biting went too far. I bit down on my lip hard and sharp and caused deep tissue trauma to the area resulting in the glands to become damaged and swollen. The swollen tissue meant that my lip biting habit became worse and worse, and was not only due to nervousness but also was now a result of carelessness.

In FSOG Christian Grey warns Ana about her lip biting and states that she should stop this bad habit. Now this seems to frustrate Ana, but maybe Christian is just trying to protect her from unnecessary plastic surgery – although I’m certain he can afford the best surgeons for the job.


Lip biting can be seen as sexy by some due to the way it promotes innocence. It’s almost has if the lip biter is trying to hold in deviant actions and desires. However the amount of times Ana bites her lip I am seriously surprised that she doesn’t have a constant un-sexy fat lip.


Ok that’s enough of me trying to highlight the reality of lip biting.


Now my surgery went very well, and I was shockingly brave as I laid down in the operation chair. One thing I was nervous about was the fact that I had to be awake during the procedure. Having needles and other sharp medical equipment right in front or your eyes, can seem a little panic educing.


I’ve finally been able to manage solid food, so went a little crazy, however my orgasm diet is going extremely well, and I’m already noticing weight loss. I was slightly worried because during the few days I couldn’t eat hard food I binged on milkshakes, smoothie, and ice cream, resulting in eating way more carbs than I normally would (Mars milkshake is evil and addictive!).

My relationships are all going really well. It’s nice how my partners are becoming more and more comfortable with me working in the sex industry. They are just concerned that something bad like what happened last year will happen once again, which is understandable.


Sex Ed work, well I might be chatting at a college next school year, which will be awesome. Private sex education seems to be going well and I’m enjoying planning sessions which are bespoke to the persons needs.

Sex writing. Well that is just going awesomely as I have a few contracts on the go. It’s amazing how many different ways I can write sex toy guides too, and I’m enjoying altering structure and content depending on the site I’m writing for.


Reviews, I am a bit behind on, but I will hopefully find some time to write up a few during the week.


But yeah, I just wanted to write a quick up date on what is going on in my life. It doesn’t seem like much I know, but right now I am so busy and enjoying it!

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